Gig Relevance to Prospective Clients


Hello all. I’m relatively new to Fiverr. In the next 6 days or so, I’ll be 2 months on this platform (Yay to me, right? Lol). Over this time period, I have tested the waters by having several gigs put up and taking them down and while I was at it still trying to understand the atmosphere of Fiverr and create relevance to my prospective clients with my current skill set. However, I seem to have fall short.

The exact service for which I created this topic is this What I had in mind when putting this gig up was to provide clients of mine with an opportunity to get used to the ‘African slang’ or rather vernacular as I put it to ease their communication with the locals and create for a better experience if they plan on visiting or staying permanently in its environs or eager to know how this form of English (tweaked as I referred to it in the gig description) sounds.

Let me know if there is any way I can improve the quality of this service.

Suggestions and constructive criticisms will be well appreciated.



Hello all! I am in need of your input in this topic. Thanks.


Maybe your gig is a bit limited in terms of the number of buyers it could attract?

I’m afraid I’ve never needed a service like the one you’re offering, so can’t really comment on the gig itself. :sunny:


Okay. I understand where you are coming from in terms of the number of people that the service would reach out to. Thanks. I will keep that in mind.