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Gig Removal Concerns

Hi all!

I’m hoping someone here can help me. I was humming along quite nicely with my editing/proofreading Gig, tons of buyer interest/work, etc…when Fiverr suddenly removed my Gig last night. I’m guessing because I helped a business client proofread his graduate-level thesis, which unbeknownst to me, was against the rules (my fault for not realizing that).

That being said, I recreated my Gig but have a few questions:

-My old Gig had 26 5-star client reviews (and nothing else)…I know my new Gig itself has zero reviews, but do you think buyers will pay attention to these 26 reviews still thankfully attached to my overall seller profile? And/or will they help improve my Gig rank?

-I still have 3 orders under the old Gig…2 just delivered and 1 yet to be delivered…if clients provide feedback for these, will that feedback at least be attached to my general profile?

I’m so frustrated because I feel like all my hard work and progress just came to a screeching halt, and wish Fiverr would provide a warning before just deleting your Gig. Thanks in advance for your help with this!! :pray:

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Actually, you would have been asked at the time of opening your Fiverr account if you had agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the site.

That includes reading the Terms of Service, which would have explained what not to do here.

I suggest you read it over now to be sure.

I read it over every so often to keep it fresh in my mind.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your reply! Lesson learned for sure…now hoping to move on as painlessly as possible :woman_facepalming: lol

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I’m sorry to hear that. My review gig has also been removed. It is not possible to bring it back.
Looks like you’ve got some content or some other copyright in your gig review…

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