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Gig Removal Questions

Hi all!

I’m hoping someone here can help me. I was humming along quite nicely with my editing/proofreading Gig, tons of buyer interest/work, etc…when Fiverr suddenly removed my Gig last night. I’m guessing because I helped a client proofread his thesis, which unbeknownst to me, was against the rules (my fault for not realizing that).

That being said, I recreated my Gig but have a few questions:

-My old Gig had 26 5-star client reviews (and nothing else)…I know my new Gig itself has zero reviews, but do you think buyers will pay attention to these 26 reviews still thankfully attached to my overall seller profile? And/or help improve my Gig rank?

-I still have 3 orders under the old Gig…2 just delivered and 1 yet to be delivered…if clients provide feedback for these, will that feedback at least be attached to my general profile?

I’m so frustrated because I feel like all my hard work and progress just came to a screeching halt, and wish Fiverr would provide a warning before just deleting your Gig. Thanks in advance for your help with this!! :pray:


I am a proofreader too. We can proofread thesis. I asked CS and they replied that we can. What we cannot do is proofread any kind of homework assignments. Perhaps your gig description mentioned the word assignment, or homework, or essay. Those seem to be the words that get gigs removed.


This is super insightful since I just adjusted my description to say that last night - that must’ve been it - ugh!! Thanks so very much for your help with this!

What did you make it say?

I think something like “Academic Theses/Essays” in the list of content I can proofread for buyers - it was late and I completely spaced and forgot about the policy while I was trying to expand the breadth of my buyers. :woman_facepalming::tired_face:

Theses would have been fine.

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Reviews are permanent, even if the gig they were given to is paused or no longer exists. This can be both good or bad, but in your particular case, it is beneficial as it would show to prospective buyers that in your overall profile, you’ve racked up 26 positive reviews and are not a complete blank slate.

I paused my first and best selling gig that had the lion’s share of my reviews as it was no longer compatible with the services I’m offering. The positive reviews it received still benefit my account’s overall review count.


Yes, it does and so does essay.

I had my gig removed in the past as well. It was not anything more than a small road bump in terms of fiverr sales. You’ll get through this.

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Thank you so much for sharing this - I appreciate it!!

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Whew! This makes me feel better - thank you so very much for sharing!!

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I think sometime it’s really hard for seller to go through this kind of situations. Fiverr can give one Lifetime warning. All sellers are not that bad. They do not break the rules intentionally.
Anyway, bad luck for you. Do not worry, you will overcome the situation.

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Thank you so very much!!