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Gig removed because I linked to my portfolio on BLOGSPOT?

So I finally set up my portfolio at

This is necessary because I sell pre-made wedding logos, and as at Level 2 I’m limited to 20 gigs and 3 photos per gig - so it’s hard to feature all designs.

I then created a new gig with a link to my portfolio, which was immediately flagged and marked for modification with the message “URLs in Gig Description - We noticed you linked to an external site within your Gig description. In general, we do not allow using external links on Fiverr. However, we do allow you to display links to your work samples in your Gig portfolio. Please see our approved URLs list.”

But what’s a girl to do? It’s BLOGSPOT, which IS in the list of approved URLs.
What do I modify?
So I resubmitted the gig (while concurrently contacting CS about the issue), and now they have completely removed my gig because “Gig not Corrected - It seems that this Gig was not corrected according to our recommendations or past reminders. We kindly ask for your awareness and responsiveness if your Gigs need modification in the future.”

Here is the response from CS:

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us. I checked for you, and it seems our Trust & Safety Team denied this Gig because it is against our rules to have URLs in the Gig description of a Gig like this. This Gig had been brought to your attention before because the URL needed to be removed. However, when the URL was not removed, our Trust & Safety team denied the Gig. I’m afraid the Gig cannot now be reinstated. But you are welcome to submit a new Gig that follows our rules.

I hope this information helps.

What do they mean by “it is against our rules to have URLs in the Gig description of a Gig like this”?
It’s a logo design gig, yet I can’t link to my logo design portfolio? I’m SO confused.
Last I checked, this shouldn’t be a problem Am I allowed to add portfolio link in gig?

And in case you were wondering, no, there is absolutely NO contact information whatsoever on - you are welcome to check and examine the site.

I’m NOT interested in dealing outside of Fiverr at all. In fact, I even direct my external clients to order from me via Fiverr because I’m super keen on increasing my number of reviews and all-time earnings in the hope that one day in the distant, distant future, I may finally qualify to be considered as a TRS.

I should point out that while the site does not have any contact information, it also does not link back to Fiverr. This is because the portfolio was also a request from several of my regular clients on fiverr who are wedding vendors (wedding planners, lighting DJs, photobooth people) and wanted a white-label site that they can show their future clients, and have them select the logo they want, and understandably do not want any links to Fiverr to show on the site.

Any thoughts Fiverr family?


I don’t know, maybe it’s because of this.


That is a standard ‘Follow’ button which comes with the platform.

Tumblr has something similar, and tumblr is also in the list of allowed URLs.


Remove the button…


Actually, I presume it’s because the blogspot address that the OP gave us actually redirects to a Wordpress blog instead, and Wordpress isn’t on the allowed URLs list :wink: (very sneaky to do such a redirection, because Fiverr thinks the OP is tricking them by showing an allowed URL but leading to one that isn’t allowed)

To OP: I know, I myself think Wordpress should be on the allowed list, but it isn’t, so we have to make do with what we’re allowed. Feel free to submit a CS ticket with your suggestion for adding WP on that list, though :wink: in the meantime, Tumblr allows a lot of customization in the HTML/CSS code, so you can achieve more stuff than a free WP blog :wink:


I thought I was seeing my own things because I saw .ke then when I checked again I saw .com so I thought I was imagining it.


Yes how very sneaky of me indeed. I have both blogspot and wordpress portfolios, but I prefer the one on wordpress more because no theme on blogger/blogspot even comes close to the simplicity and elegance of this one.

I thought it would be OK as long as there was zero contact information on there. The only reason for creating the portfolio was to boost my sales on Fiverr but if they don’t want that then that’s too bad.


Tumblr allows full customization via direct HTML/CSS editing, so you can design your own theme for free. More so, you have a ton of free Tumblr themes below, ready to be installed on the free blog:

I’m using Tumblr, took a theme and changed it to my own liking (it doesn’t even look like a Tumblr blog anymore, but more like my own custom site). You can even hire a Tumblr designer to help you achieve your desired WP look :wink:


Thank you @Woofy31, I will look this up :slightly_smiling_face: