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Gig removed by Copyright claim but no reason of that!


My gig was running pretty good on FIverr. but Yesterday I changed my all gig images with one frame. Like Visual-composer-and-Divi-visual-builder This. The images are same and only the title and subtitles are changed. However I got modifications request on 3 gig today morning. And few hours later on of my best gigs are removed (3 gigs) for copyright claim.
So the question is I don’t use any copy content and I don’t use any copy images. All of my image and my content. However I got these problem. My profile is now really down.

And there was 3 order already on of the gig that was removed. however the order is active.

So my few question :

  1. I can’t use my own images on my gigs? however you can see my images that I upload already.
  2. Why it’s giving me copyright claim. What’s the reason. I’m running the gigs really well over a years. now it’s giving copyright claim in one day?? How’s this possible!

Now I’m really scared about this on here. Can any one tell me how I can back the gigs and what’s the main fact. However I already read out the TOS. but can’t found any problem on my gigs.

Help me please guys!


Contact to Customer Support they only give answer of this questions


u have to contact fiverr CS & they only can help u…


I already tried to contact them. but they don’t say they give me back the gigs.


Did they actually say it was the images that were the problem, or could it be something else, like the mentions of ‘Visual Composer’ or ‘Divi’?


this kind of thing are not in our control…


No They didn’t mention about that. They just saying it’s about copyright claim.
However on other gig is not related with visual composer or DIvi.
That’s about creating WordPress website.
That was removed too.

IS there any problem that I don’t add “Exclusively on fiverr” that’s why they are removing??


You need to press CS for an answer. I had a similar issue and pressed them to let me know what I needed to change. Eventually they answered and I sorted it.


I agree, with others. Put some pressure on CS and don’t stop until you get a proper answer :wink:
PS. You have a typo on the image.


Yes they are not giving me exact answer yet! however I wrote a lot to describe. And they just said it’s copyright claim something like that


One wrong “key phrase” can ban your gig, it can be on image or title or description.

Read the carefully before you create any new service.

Ask fiverr CS, which third-party copyright did you violate, I am sure they will help you.

Convince them that it’s for your own improvement, so you never do the same mistake in future.

Ask questions smartly :sunglasses:.


The reason behind the gig the was removed was because of this two reasons
1)You have mention level 2 seller on your thumbnail,which is against fiverr policies.
2)you have given 5 star rating also,which again violates thier rules.

Remove that two things and publish again
Thank you,


But they mention the the copyright come from wordpress.



Now what should I ask. @tuhin2u @social_viral @uxreview @homeestates


:smiley: Copyright claim because you’re using Wordpress?


They are saying something like that. I don’t know what is going on.
Now what should I ask them specifically.
Anyone help me please!