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Gig removed by Fiverr for "promoting a service outside of Fiverr"

I received an email from Fiverr to advise they had removed my gig because it did not pass editor’s review:

“This Gig has been flagged for promoting a service, website or product outside of Fiverr. The Fiverr marketplace is aimed at connecting buyers and sellers using our platform. You are welcome to create a new Gig that can be offered and delivered on Fiverr, but not use the Fiverr platform for advertising external services.”

I have had this gig on Fiverr for over a year, had over 120 orders without a problem, now the gig is gone, never to be seen again.

For $5 I would register a domain name for the buyer. There was no link, image or reference to any product, service or website in my gig so I don’t see how my gig is promoting a service outside of Fiverr?

A quick search on Fiverr:

Multiple gigs selling domain registrationas and some blatantly promoting a service/website outside Fiverr - Godaddy, hostgator and Google:✓&search_in=everywhere&source=top-bar&locale=en&query=domain+register&page=1&layout=auto

924 results for Twitter:✓&search_in=category&source=top-bar&locale=en&query=twitter&category=2&sub_category=67&page=1&layout=auto

Over 2000 results for “Facebook”:✓&search_in=everywhere&source=top-bar&locale=en&query=facebook&page=1&layout=auto

How are none of the above gigs NOT promoting a service or website outside Fiverr!!!

I will contact Fiverr support, but doubtful that Fiverr will reinstate my gig. Has anyone else had this issue and had it resolved?

Oh and also, I don’t see any point in creating a new gig as there were no specifics about what in my gig was the reason for its removal???

Apparently because the service I am offering is for registration of more than 30 days, my gig is denied and removed.

Wasn’t aware this is a requirement :confused:

Received the following email from Fiverr support:

“Hi there,
Thank you for contacting us about this matter. The reason that it did not pass out Editors Reviews is because the service you were offering was for registration for a year. We only allow up to 30 days of service or registration.”

My guess is that the reason for the 30 days might have to do with delivery time. I think there have been problems where people have promised things that go well beyond the longest possible delivery time (29 days if I remember right) and then a buyer contacts CS months later to say that the seller didn’t complete the entire time or is gone from Fiverr or whatever.

Due to the increase in those type of issues, it wouldn’t surprise me if the editors have decided to gradually reduce support for gigs that go longer. I don’t know this for certain (my admin tag is meaningless except for forum issues) but I have seen an increase in complaints about long-term gigs since refunds aren’t available months after the final deliver date.

The same thing happened to me. And they dont provide a clear reason. If you know any solution please let me know

Registration of domain names is always for one year so apparently domain name registration is no longer something that can be provided on fiverr if there is a 30 day limit.