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Gig removed by fiverr

hello everyone, today i am sharing you a rare experience with
some days ago changed my profile picture of my account. but after serveral attempts the profile picture stands on inappropriate position. so to find solution googled for sizes and it brings me to fiverr forum, and the experience starts here…
so concerned people were asking for same problem and tipping each other. so what i did.
Change the size of profile picture x 10 times
change browser ( I.E, Chrome , Opera )
so i put a query in fiverform and posted into bug category.
after that day fiverr ask for modification of gig and i modified instantly, after while gig appeared in pending approval. on very next day i found my gig was denied and cannot be repost to go live.
what i am trying say that i have been on fiverr for months nothing happens alike that, but after visitng fiverr forums same problem happens to me that other people were already facing.
can you please help ? what should i do?
Thank you

Are you asking us why your gig was denied, or why your profile picture can’t be adjusted?

Hello again btw! I would love to help you with this somehow.

actually both are question, why my gig was denied after modification and still you may see profile picture is not adjusted well. the tool for adjusting the image is unavailable or having an error.

To adjust your profile image- Crop your profile image to a square, make sure to adjust the left and right edges as much as you want to appear in the circle’s left and right edges. Now you can use that image and it will appear perfectly.

About your denied gig- Don’t know. BTW what your Gig was about?

Here’s the common principle for the profile image-

thank you, i did the same as previous it was fine, for this time i don’t know whats happening.
Gig was for graphics (illustrator and photoshop) . i knew the effort how i got orders and finally fiverr drops me at 0 level …