Gig REMOVED due to fatal bug


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Please refer to the above topic for the actual problem that has caused this mess.

UPDATE: Please see the above thread for some suggested solutions. Good luck.

The gig in question has had to be paused indefinitely due to the gig extras being completely broken by Fiverr. My custom extras are uneditable due to the “error” warning being impossible to remove. They have been renamed and actually broken (switched places, values changed, etc.) by Fiverr’s system. They are broken to the point now where I cannot construct custom offers that make sense (yes… really) and buyers cannot navigate their way through checkout without being completely confused.

The purpose of this topic specifically is to further raise awareness to the issue and criticise Fiverr’s response to my interactions with Customer Support. This was a lucrative gig for Fiverr, so their lack of useful support (I was redirected 5+ times and then told that it was being looked into… it’s been a month with no further contact) is appalling.

You can imagine the impact this has had on my business at large. At this point I am having to consider withdrawing all of my services from Fiverr and continuing offsite.

Any help or support from the people on the forum or Fiverr staff is greatly appreciated. I will be submitting yet another support ticket shortly after posting this, in the hope that this time it will be addressed and resolved.

Thanks for your time,
Matt (xqggqx) |

Gig Extra Error Glitch | Preventing me from saving changes (solution?)

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I don’t think it breaks Fiverr ToS. It is simply meant as a friendly incentive to fix this costly issue sooner.

My main concern is fixing the problem. I will honour the reward via the Fiverr platform, so I don’t see where there would be a violation.

Matt (xqggqx)


Can you make a duplicate gig that is new? Then delete the old one? I realize it won’t be in the same place though.

Did this gig have packages enabled? Can you unpause it so we can see it?



Thanks for your reply. Will it duplicate the reviews? The gig in question has over 400 reviews and accounts for what is effectively half of my business, so deleting it without retaining the reviews/portfolio etc. is not an option.

Matt (xqggqx)


Is it the second gig shown on your profile page? The one with packages? Or is the gig paused?

Have you asked that it, your message to CS been escalated?

I see it’s been redirected 5 times.

No it won’t keep the reviews. I assume you have tried editing it in a different browser.

Can you unpause it so we can see it?


It has now been made active (another user who is trying to help wanted to view the extras) and can be seen here:

I was redirected through various teams and people until it got passed to tech or something. I’ll find the exact message in a moment.

I’ve tried a different browser, clearing cache… Fiverr even tried force-editing and saving them on their end and even that didn’t work.

Please see the link above.

Matt (xqggqx)


Here’s the last message I got from support, after various redirections:

I tried making the changes from our end and I was unfortunately also getting that error alert. When I changed some of the descriptions to use synonyms of “design”, such as create, make, and produce, that error alert went away, but then I ended up with a new one saying that your Custom Extras don’t have titles. Unfortunately, since it didn’t let me proceed further than that, I’m afraid that I’ll need to send this to our Tech Team to review and resolve which may take some time on our end.

Once the issue is resolved, one of our support team members will update this request with the feedback received from our tech team.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this issue may be causing and I hope our Tech Team can have it resolved for you soon. As this ticket will be placed in their queue until it’s reviewed by them, I ask that you please open a new ticket if anything else comes up in the meantime. Due to the forwarding between departments during this process, our team won’t be alerted to any updates you may provide on this ticket until Tech updates and sends it back our way.


How have people been ordering it in the last ten days?

I can’t see any extras but I guess that’s due to the packages?

Can you show us a screenshot of what the extras look like?


So then when you tried to put in titles what happened?


Other errors, unfortunately. Something is deeply wrong with my custom gig extras. It was actually made worse by support intervention – after that there were arbitrary extras that I now cannot remove, that seem to have been borrowed/glitched from the other (non-custom) extras?

I apologise for making it so convoluted but there’s no other way of explaining it.

The current gig extras can be seen in this video: removed

In the video, I am trying to remove the extras and save them. It says “changes saved”, but the glitched gig extras are not removed.

Please let me know if I can send over any further info, and thanks for your help thus far. It’s hugely appreciated.

Do you think it’s worth disabling packages on this gig and then re-enabling them? Update: didn’t help.

Thanks again,
Matt (xqggqx)


How did that gig get reviews in the last four days or was that made a while back?

You could try changing it to just one package and see what happens. O that must be what you meant by disabling packages. Did that affect the error message when it was only one package?


The gig has been available on-and-off up until now as I try to fix it. Some buyers ordered while it was available. This has been a problem for 2+ months, maybe more.

Others were custom orders from repeat buyers.

The gig works “as expected” and is functional, the gig extras just seem to be broken beyond repair.

Unfortunately not. I still couldn’t remove those problematic gig extras.


You have my sympathy! I too noticed getting some error messages for no reason when I was editing extras on a gig but they went away.


Thank you, I really appreciate it.

I’ve updated my support ticket and submitted another one, although I am feeling rather hopeless at this stage. It’s been a month. I’m hoping Support will take a more active stance and that I will see my problem (and loss of revenues) solved as soon as possible.


Hi, can you please try doing this if you have enabled multiple package option try disabling it and then try to edit Gig extras. If it doesn’t work save your gig with single package and then try again. It had worked for me while before.


They went away after you saved?


Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, this has not helped my situation and just results in different errors. It seems like whatever changes I make (believe me I’ve now tried a lot) I just can’t get them to save – they are prevented by errors, or when they do “save”, they are in fact not saved. See the dropbox link above in the thread.

My suspicion is that this is a problem on Fiverr’s side. I will submit a full bug report later today.

Does anyone know a way of “resetting” my gig – WITHOUT losing the 400 reviews – and in turn possibly fixing this issue? I’m also going to try editing it on a different computer and a different IP.

Thanks for your time.


@xqggqx Matt, the same exact thing is happening on my session vocals gig page. I’m a new seller as of this year, and only have a mere 40 reviews, but my sale average is around $80. This problem JUST started happening to me as well. It started happening to me after I became a level 1 seller and wanted to edit my gig with custom extras to better my pricing model and attract more customers. It’s been 1 month and I have not heard from tech support. Like you, I don’t want to restart my gig.

You seem to be doing a great job on here so kudos to you. I don’t expect Tech Support to contact me, as I am not “Worth” their time like you are, so if you wouldn’t mind updating this thread with what has happened, that would be incredible. I am bugging them with screenshots and will soon be screen capping a video like you have. Again, it’s been a month!!! :frowning: