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Gig removed due to "third party"

So my gig, that they never put up in the first place (I could not find it), was “removed” due to a “third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use.” LOL WHAT? What does that even mean? My gig was an offer to drive fb page activity. Personally drive. So am I to understand there are people running around Fiverr reporting things they don’t like? Like the after school crowd on facebook? Then they tell me I can resubmit after editing it. I don’t even know what to edit! “Intellectual property rights”? Creating content/activity on a facebook page? Oh do explain…


Perhaps FACEBOOK didn’t like that you were trying to sell that service. Perhaps they are the ones that reported you for “infringing upon their intellectual property rights”. Legally, you can’t be selling things related to Facebook to begin with – you don’t own anything created by Facebook.


For curiosity’s sake, can you provide the image that you used to promote that gig?

I had thought about that, but 1) facebook followed me over here? Is that even possible? It makes the most sense, but 2) “infringing upon their intellectual property rights” would amount to typing the name ‘facebook’… and I have aready done it twice here.

Selling fans and followers on Facebook, however, is something Facebook has taken issue with here on Fiverr. And you did state that to be the nature of your gig services. You can’t sell Facebook likes and followers. Facebook doesn’t like that. They already have their own ad system for that.

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It should be noted that the House of Stuart family line has well ended, lol.
(When setting up the gig they would not let me proceed without a pic)

Fiverr has a rocky relationship with platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Amazon.

For years, sellers were allowed to sell fake likes, fake reviews, and fake followers. Then, the media caught wind of what was happening and came down hard on Fiverr. The site was portrayed as a pretty scammy place.

So Fiverr changed direction and started to remove every gig that could potentially infringe upon another site’s terms of service. At the moment, the company is trigger happy when it comes to social media gigs. Anything that could be construed as dodgy gets the chop.


Good point! Very good. Thank you. Was seeing red for a bit there, clouded my view. So what do you think I should do, or can do? Remove any connect to the word ‘facebook’?

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That image seems to be OK from what I can tell. The reason I asked is because in many cases, Fiverr takes down gigs that use copyrighted materials in their promotional images. Since that does not seem to be the case, I will assume that they took it down due to the Facebook ads.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

To be honest – and err on the side of caution – I recommend that you abandon that removed gig, and find a different service to offer. Like @sara19841 said, Fiverr is likely to keep removing anything selling anything related to social media. That’s just not a good, safe type of service to offer on this site.

And you really don’t want to keep trying to sell something Facebook doesn’t want you to sell.


Thank you. Thank you everyone. I will just go back and edit it, scrubbing any offending names. If they don’t take it, well I will re~access then. I am not overly keen on the idea of going over to freelancer. Thank you all again! Good night.

jonbaas, NOTED, disregard the above.

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You’re welcome. If you still have the gig text, feel free to post it here. We can take a quick look over it to see if there’s anything that stands out.

Edit: Or not, depending on which direction you choose to go in. :slight_smile:

Their lawyers probably did and that’s not a joke. Facebook has a large team of lawyers who do nothing but look for any type of infringments like that. They spend every day searching the internet for things like what you were doing to make sure no one is violating their rights.

The only ones who can legally sell anything facebook related is facebook.

Facebook has so much money at stake in their name and ability to capitalize on it that they have to constantly protect their rights.


They should head over to “Freelancer” then. They have 1400+ posts under the section titled, you guessed it, “Facebook”. LOL No bother, I have been cruising the “other” section, you know, Prank Callers, the likes. Oh! The chap that will call up anyone you want and speak “ghetto” to them! Yeah, so now I am in the mood just to take the piss. They would not even let me access the old gig to edit it (I wrote it, my intelproprights don’t count), so now… hmmmm, hell, I might start selling blackjack hands, lol. This whole thing is just to fund a community garden project.

@lucycodex might have been on one of the right tracks. It is possible that Fiverr took the gig down because of Facebook rules, but there is a flag that looks like that gig image and it’s for sale on a popular site. (As the OP mentioned, related to the Stuart line.) That probably is some sort of copyright violation though I didn’t follow it to any conclusion. Here is the copy that is for sale:


Uh oh… I just used that again…

You can change it. You might be OK. If you need a quick image, just use MSPaint or something to make a plain color with text describing what you do. Of course you’ll need something much better if your gig stays up, but it would do for now. I don’t know if the Facebook stuff will work either.

They would not let me access it. I would have liked to hear what you all had to say. Alas, fb police seems likely to me now that my head has cleared. I wouldn’t have even been that upset, but I was lead to believe that the gig was up and running since Saturday. I am trying to supplement a community garden project. Losing 48 to 72 hours with spring right around the corner made me rather unhappy. I didn’t expect orders, but for my time I at least expected the chance of them.

Actually, all new and edited gigs are reviewed before they go live. Fiverr does this to ensure that no rules are broken when people create or edit gigs. If you created the gig on Saturday, today is still within the practical review period. And if the gig was removed, then this is likely the result of that review turned up this issue (and subsequent gig removal).

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