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Gig removed for violating Terms of Service

Hello everyone, my name is Mikhail, and I’m a translator here on Fiverr. Yesterday I did a $20 job for my client who asked me to proofread their academic work and translate around 700 words of it (around one and a half pages out of 28) from Russian into English. I didn’t add anything to the document. I didn’t alter or modify or change its content in any way apart from merely fixing grammatical mistakes. Apparently, by doing so I violated Fiverr’s terms of service, and my gig was removed without providing me a chance to appeal the case or provide my reasons:

  • I’ve been a loyal seller on this platform for over a year now, earning level 2 seller status a few months ago
  • There were over 200 finished orders on the removed gig, all of them were submitted on time
  • All of the 110+ reviews on the gig were five starred
  • I had no prior violations of Fiverr’s terms of service
  • A significant chunk of my monthly income comes from Fiverr

None of these reasons had any effect on Fiverr’s support team. I was told that deactivated gigs cannot be restored and that I should create a new one. Anyone who has worked with Fiverr knows that it will take ages to push a brand new gig into the top 10 where the removed gig has been for the last six months, if not more.

No punishment system works like this. Fiverr treats a minor offense the same way as the major one - by nuking your gig. There should be a system of appeals, warnings, probation time, you name it. Violations should have degrees of severity, and the punishment should be exerted proportionally. But now, in Fiverr’s logic, proofreading someone’s work is equal to entirely writing it for the client. In both cases, the gig will be taken down. However, the violations in those cases are obviously not the same.

Removing a gig like that is way too harsh. Hell, I can’t even open the gig’s page to see how it was presented so I could make a new one.

/rant over


anything based on academic work is not allowed … :frowning:


I’m not arguing with the fact that I violated ToS. However, I don’t agree with the degree of punishment for my specific violation.

Academic work like? Can you please guide me proper?

it’s written in the tos … that type of service is not allowed on fiverr

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Unfortunately, providing work on ANY kind of academic project is a big no-no. Students should be doing their own work – even translation, editing, proof-reading, etc. Fiverr takes a no tolerance approach to sellers who agree to do homework, in any form, for students. There is a HUGE issue with students paying people to do their work these days, and Fiverr does not want their sellers to be part of it. Helping students do their academic work is seen as helping those students cheat, and it reflects poorly upon Fiverr and their brand.

I’m sorry that this happened to you, but academic work is something you should always turn down. You agreed to do the work, Fiverr found out about it, and they came down hard on you and your gig. No tolerance is no tolerance. You could try appealing with Customer Support, but I can say with certainty, that they are not forgiving in that area.


Well i can feel and understand your situation and agree with you too. But we cannot do anything. But don’t give up. Take a break and start it over again and you will hit it again.

That does seem like harsh action on Fiverr’s part, Mikhail. Yes, any contribution to academic work is prohibited, but I sure wish Fiverr would develop some consistency. I see many top editors expressly stating such a service in their gigs.

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How do they know that the work you have done is academic? Mine too was taken down recently and without any warning whatsoever. I stopped doing academic work after I discovered it is against the ToS. How did they know that I had undertaken academic work in the past? Is it algorithms or does it depend on a customer reporting you? I do know that the last time I ever did it, the customer was not happy with the work and never rated the work.

You are replying a year later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

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