Gig removed from First page to Hide by keywords


My gig was on Page first when i was searching by Keyword …
i just edited a minor in FAQs

now i am searching but my gig is not appearing in search…

when my gig will be appear again ?


Just wait 24 hours and then contact customer support.


Hi Ahmed ,
Thanks for your reply…will system update my gig again on first page please share your experience or knowledge?


Yes I face this issue many times.
just wait maximum 8 to 12 hours.


Thanks i was so worried ,as my got 1st position after long time :slight_smile:


Uhm, my gig was also showing on the first page until I made changes to it. The thing is that after that it was pushed on the last page and no matter what I do I cannot bring it back. I hope it’s not the same case with yours.


but issue is that my gig is not appering on any page … before i was searching with tags …and there is no gig on any page…

can any one tell me is this effect the other gigs ranking ?