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Gig Removed from Search Results

I’m confused about something- I edited my gig on the weekend and it disappeared from the search results. I wrote to customer support and they got back to me saying that they had reviewed the gig and they will not be able to restore it to the search results ‘as the service offered in the Gig is not currently within our editorial focus’.

The gig is for writing erotica stories and there are many others like it on the platform- it was selling pretty well.

Has anyone dealt with this, what exactly does it mean and should I just delete the gig? If Fiverr is not going to help me promote it, there’s really no benefit to me offering it through their platform.

I’m also curious about whether there is a way to get concrete information in regard to their objections so that I can fix whatever it is that they don’t approve of and sort the situation.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Hmm, I haven’t seen a gig like that denied before, but Fiverr has been steadily add gigs to the list of ones that are no longer in their editorial focus. It’s possible that erotica gigs will be gradually removed just like facebook likes were a long time ago and “hold your message” have been recently. I would suggest diversification, creating at least one gig that is in an ordinary business type category. I’ve been suggesting this to anyone with an “editorial focus” issue, so this is not just advice for you. Note: It would not surprise me if anything related to adult content could be next, but I have no official word on this.


At this rate, there’ll be no gigs left we’re allowed to do! :rofl:

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@lucycodex I think you had a similar situation happened.
Care to shed some light on the situation for this user?

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Indeed I have! I wrote about it on another topic recently, let me requote it:

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Thanks, Lucy!

The editorial focus should be on Global Warming lol the rate things are becoming obsolete.

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Thanks for responding Lucy (and everyone)! So the response from customer support was that they are working to remove similar gigs (at least from the search results), so this makes sense now - I think the biggest issue is that the original information I received just wasn’t clear.

It’s a shame b/c these gigs really do sell well, but I was reading a post (Is Nothing Sacred on Fiverr?) where the seller was asked for some really horrific stuff, so maybe there’s more going on here than we know.

It really is too bad that you lost your gig, it looks like you were doing really well at it, and I hope that you’re continuing to do well!

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Oh, and I should say that they also said ‘gradually’, so this doesn’t mean that this is going to cause a big stir overnight or anything- it may just be something they’re working on in the long-term and we got caught up in it.

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I thankfully get enough money from my other gigs to get by rather well. However, it is indeed sad. My gig was taken off the search results over 3 months ago.

It’s sad that I have to work harder to make money writing smut for clients, as I have to advertise the gig myself, but hey, at least I diversified enough so that this isn’t a threat to my rent being paid :slight_smile:

Hello, I feel sorry about you… Few months ago my Gig shown on 2-3 page… But now I can’t find my gig :frowning: