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Gig removed - No apparent reason?


Since this is a ranting pot I’ll rant over here because the responses I get from the customer support are either a) canned or b) not clear.

I have made a gig called "I will write a Kick-Ass Amazon review"

The gig gained high attention from users within 2 days going up to 800 impressions if I’m not mistaken.

That’s not what’s it about, however. I just needed to brag since I’m new :stuck_out_tongue:

It got removed apparently, because I was violating third-party rules or something. Since I was a newbie, I thought well, it has to be due to the title.

I make another gig, this time I literally copy and paste the title and body from another review and again, it gains almost a 1000 impressions within a couple of days.

Again, it gets removed. I ask pleasantly, the reasons as to why mine gets removed and one Top Rated seller stays active all this time. He’s even featured, always visible, and there for everyone to see. How come my gig gets removed folks?

Bare in mind, I have not advertised that I am going to PUBLISH any reviews. If someone wants to review a product, I’ll write something about it, be it positive or negative based on my research. That’s it.

How am I in violation of rules here or on Amazon. Can somebody finally explain that, since I haven’t got a single answer from the Customer Support.



Thanks for the answer!

However, the second time was not reported by the user. I know that much.

Also, it was not because of the copy / paste. I know that too :slight_smile:

I really appreciate the answer, but if you search amazon in the search box, hundreds of gigs come up that are even more blatantly against the rules.

Does somebody have to report it in order for it to get removed?

I guess 800 impressions may be low (then my other gigs suck big time lol), but I got 8 orders within 2-3 days which was pretty good for me. I was happy with that and I had perfect feedback.

Don’t know what’s going on.


Of course, I appreciate the advice. I tried to stay positive and asked reasonable questions. It shall remain a mystery but your help has been great and I thank you for the time you’ve given to help me out :slight_smile: Peace


just because you see a TRS do it doesn’t mean you can. This site is old (by internet standards ) 3 years ago you could do anything on this site the rules have changed however it doesn’t mean that they take away the privileges that was already given to the seniors. Review gigs for the most part are no longer accepted in fiverr.


The problem is you seemed to suggest the review would only be positive.

The review must be “honest” and part of that includes actually REVIEWING the material :slight_smile:


Reply to @anarchofighter:

Thank you sir :slight_smile: Explains a lot!


I think the biggest issue was the combination of the keywords, “Amazon” and “Review” one after another. This is a pretty red-flag as they generally don’t prefer you write reviews of this nature, especially if you were hinting at potentially positive reviews which the word, “positive reviews” if you phrased it like that might come up as another red-flag.

What you could do is perhaps re-phrase it to something like, “write a review for your product/service” or something simple like that.

The Vulgarness may have had something to do with it as well. Not that it was intended to be offensive, but by swearing in it, may bring up some red flags as well. I think in essence, it’s just a case of re-wording it quite differently.


The apparent reason is because Amazon doesn’t allow paid reviews. There was a man not too long ago who was selling positive reviews for Amazon products. He had people actually working for him, he had so much work. He was getting filthy rich, until they caught him and shut him down. Ever since then, Amazon polices the web for people selling Amazon reviews. They probably let Fiverr know up front they would not tolerate it, so Fiver just deletes all gigs promising positive Amazon reviews.


Reply to @dsaldridge:

Thanks for the reply!

As I’ve said, I was not selling reviews in terms of publishing them. I was selling descriptions that they posted with whatever they had on Amazon. Maybe the buyer had 10 accounts, for all I know. He would send me a link, I would look at the product, write a review and send it to him. I don’t even have an account on Amazon.

But as freelancemm said, I should have re-phrased. Didn’t know how the system works obviously.


Reply to @freelancemm:

You’re probably right. I’ll re-phrase this time.

Thanks for the reply, definitely clears things up!

I honestly didn’t know half of what you just wrote lol