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Gig removed - Not sure why

Hi forum,

TL;DR: Please click on the link and help identify what’s causing a removal

I was wondering if anyone could help identify the reason as to why my remove was removed on two occasions?

Below are attached image of the messages of removal reason and the videos & gigs of what I was going to post (the watermark is placed on to avoid plagiarism, but the one I posted will not have a watermark), which I have read through the TOS again, however still unsure of what I violated. Initially, I thought I was violating the Copyrighted images clause, but I did fix it and it still got removed afterwards.

Screenshots to pictures, as the post only limits to 2 links, I am forced to put it in a pastebin, there will be a full list of what was in my gig library.

It’d be much appreciate it if the community can help me.

Much appreciated,


Do Fiverr staff reply to forum posts? Or would I have to a help centre?