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Gig removed re: plagiarism

My gig was removed because it violates policies of fiverr regarding plagiarism.
“Third party TOS violation - By taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) you are actively taking part in a violation of the integrity code of most, if not all, schools and academic institutions. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow taking part in such fraudulent activities.”

My gig was offering to proofread and edit college admissions essays for students. They write the paper and I proofread it. I am a teacher and I proofread and edit work for students everyday.

I submitted a screenshot of another gig that is literally offering to completely write papers for students! Why are those not removed???


They haven’t been caught yet.

Other editors/proofreaders have complained about the same thing. It looks like Fiverr believes that students should proofread their own papers, and that having a professional doing it instead of them is cheating.


I too am a teacher and because I said I would type academic work I had to modify my gig. It is interesting though that many students, even nurses and other professionals are placing Buyer Requests looking for sellers to do their homework for them.


You’re a teacher yet you don’t see anything wrong with this?
What’s even worse is that you believe just because others are doing it, it’s OK. :disappointed:


Great! :slightly_smiling_face:

Not great! :slightly_frowning_face:

Are you planning on going to college to do the course for them as well?

Maybe find another gig you can offer which will stay within the ToS? :sunny:


Fiverr got a bad rap when the fake Amazon reviews scandal hit the press. Since then, the company has tried extra hard to improve its reputation. As mentioned, some prohibited gigs have slipped through the net, but that’s nothing compared to what it was.

Perhaps you could offer a general proofreading service rather than an academic one?


Wow, just wow. I’m speechless! :zipper_mouth_face:


Is that what you got from my post?

As a teacher, there is nothing wrong with proofreading and editing kids
work. Kids who are trying to get into college need someone to look at their
work with an objective eye.

I don’t “think it’s ok just because others are doing it”. I was just
stating that my gig was removed because of plagiarism concerns when I am
not the author, just the proofreader. Others on fiverr have not been
removed even they are blatantly offering to write papers from scratch.



Actually, many have been removed. That’s why you don’t see them.


Call me old fashioned, but shouldn’t students be able to proofread and edit their own college admissions essays?


I am shocked at the comments to my topic. I don’t understand the problem
with proofreading college essays. I am not writing it for them.

The issue that started this is that my gig was deleted but those that are
writing it for people are allowed to stay.


Proofreading an essay suggests that you would be doing a look over for obvious typos etc. I have done that for friends where there is nothing about the content discussed or edited. It is more of a their, there and they’re type of thing than “no, this is how you do heart surgery you silly little med student”.

A gig offering a proofreading and editing service suggests it is a lot more in depth than that.
Whether you were just offering the former or not is impossible for me to tell and it is also impossible for Fiverr to tell. It’s simply not possible to offer that service - besides, you will just end up getting lots of requests to do stuff you are not supposed to. I offer marketing consultations and get lots of requests to do marketing assignments…


As others have commented, the gigs that remain just have not been caught. As to your comment about proofreading college essays, I would wonder if students who have you correct their pieces are getting into college under false pretenses? :thinking:


I’m shocked by your stance, like seriously? :expressionless:

When you signed up to join Fiverr.

:one: You agreed to abide by their rules set forth. All sellers must agree to these terms, no exceptions here.

:two: These gigs are NOT ALLOWED here. Period, point, blank, and end of the story. If you want to rebuttal, do so with Customer Support. It should be a lovely chat.

:three: It’s appalling that you think it’s perfectly acceptable to proofread college students essays. Sure, you’re not writing them. However, Fiverr do not want sellers doing any of the above. Hence, the reason why they removed your gig.

It’s simple abide by the rules and you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever.


I get requests to do homework as well. I told one “I do not do students homework, it is unethical.” He replied, “So how much do you charge?” :thinking:


“Unethical” sounds expensive!


And you figured kids who are able to afford your service shouldn’t worry about grammar mistakes because you’ll fix those for them? (Assuming you didn’t rewrite their work)

I’m not sure if this will help, but I contacted customer support in November to clear up this issue as many sellers were coming to the Forum saying that their editing gigs had been removed for accusations that they were doing work for students.

This email clearly states that sellers are permitted to edit/proofread students’ work.


Other than the fact that you are masking their inability to communicate effectively, therefore making them appear more qualified for admission than they actually are. Yeah, what’s wrong with that?


I do not work with students simply because Fiverr is so wishy-washy on this but, when I was in school, peer review was encouraged. It can be hard to catch the little mistakes, especially after you have been going through the document for days/weeks/months, and that’s why good authors will send their books off to 3-5 editors before publishing.

Of course, I’ve found that the definition of “editing” varies depending on whom you’re talking to. When I talk about it, I mean correcting basic spelling and punctuation mistakes (i.e., typos), but I’ve found that others feel editing can mean completely re-structuring a piece and even adding new content. I don’t feel the latter should be permitted at all when you’re working with someone’s school work.