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Gig removed - too MANY orders?!

I’ve been in contact with support all month because my editing gig that I’ve had since March dropped out of search with no warning or explanation. The 700+ review gig had been collected in hundreds of favorites lists and relieved a steady amount of orders each day.

Then August came, and while my queue used to rarely drop below 40, it now sits at an ever-decreasing 9 (which will all be completed in the next week or so)

First I emailed technical support, and they got back a few days later saying they escalated it to marketplace support. A couple days after that, I got another message saying they sent it back to technical support. Many days wasted!

During this time, I started a brand new editing gig to see if it would show. Two weeks after my request, a girl from CS finally emails and says my gig is showing (way down the page). She sends a screenshot, but she’s referring to my new gig! They automatically closed the ticket, so I had to open another and explain again, then re-send the link so they knew what I was talking about.

Many, many days without hearing anything and FINALLY this morning (after a month of back and forth) they give me this reason:

"You have too many active orders."

This has to be wrong on so many counts! Orders, favorites are all supposed to BOOST sales. My queue used to reach 40, 50, even 60 and I remained at the top of the list, then (out of the blue) I drop out of search and now 9 orders is too many?

Thanks Fiverr, I know your reason was (exact words): "we do this to help sellers out and ensure they can handle their workload."

If I couldn’t handle it, I’d pause or cancel.

I call BS. If they don’t know why it’s gone, they shouldn’t make stuff up!


So you only had one gig? What were you doing? I clicked on your name and found nothing.

I’m shocked they would shut you down for having too many orders. I knew a guy with too many orders who was often late, he was demoted from TRS to level 2, but he wasn’t shut down.

I had four gigs (writing and related topics). But editing was the only one that got many orders. I’ve been informed all of my gigs are down until I complete the rest of my orders, but I fear even then they want come back up.

I was also demoted (level 2 to nothing) at the start of the month, but not because I was late delivering (I always sent stuff on time to avoid things like this).

They told me it was because I had delivered without attachments. I contacted them about the issues I was having with file delivery right when I joined, they basically said there was nothing they could do. I brought it back to their attention late July, then was demoted two weeks later for doing exactly what I told them I was doing months ago: not attaching files. (even though I always sent them right after through messages).

Then my gigs disappeared shortly after for apparently a completely different reason (success?) but I hate to think it wasn’t related.

Anyway, off I go to another platform!

So you were “delivering without attachments?” You know what that sounds like to me? It sounds like you weren’t actually doing the work at the time of delivery: you were doing what a number of sellers do, delivering an “empty” order with the promise that the work would be done soon. Prove me wrong, but that’s exactly what it sounds like, and if that’s the case then all I can say is that you’re lucky your entire account wasn’t shut down.

Are you the person who had a black dog for a profile picture? I remember you posted something before and your mistake was telling them that you weren’t able to deliver in the “delivery” box so you had to deliver to the buyers’ inbox. I think they decided to completely delete everything you’ve done because you broke the ToS :confused:

As I understand it, the gig hasn’t been deleted (I’m seeing right now your four gigs, in the profile with the black dog). It only has been removed from the searches.
But you’re now breaking the ToS again having multiple accounts, so you might loose all of your gigs.

With that many sales, you would think Fiverr would care a bit more. I haven’t been here long, but I’ve already seen quite a few horror stories about CS. Maybe it depends on who you talk to?

I say open a new ticket and maybe you’ll get a nicer person :slight_smile:


Not to hijack the topic, but it happened to me as well and I don’t know what to do:

[social media gig link removed]

It disappeared from the search results between yesterday and today.

What can I do to get it back?


“To give other sellers equal opportunity.”

There’s your key phrase. “You’re hogging all the business, so we’re going to shut you down.”

Keep trying, but don’t expect to get anywhere until you learn to share. (/sarcasm)

Reply to @jamesbulls: yes, that is interesting. Were you delivering the attached mesages at the same time or just a moment or two after you “completed” the gig delivery? Or did you wait a day or two.

Reply to @sincere18: I think he said in an earlier thread, he just sent the delivery to the inbox because he had Technical problems and was unable to deliver where he was supposed to. I assumed it was minutes before/after the ‘delivery’. Don’t think he’d be surprised his account was penalized if he waited for days

Reply to @belengarcia: I logged in with Facebook on my phone, it must not be connected to my account.

I always sent files instantly before/after delivery, I never waited. I explained all of that to CS multiple times and they ended up taking my level because of their glitch?

That just seems silly to me is all :slight_smile:

Reply to @sydneymorgan: This is a very curious tale. I’ve heard many stories both good and bad about CS, but I’ve definitely never heard of a restriction due to too many orders even if you were delivering empty. It seems like the restriction would be due to too many empty deliveries instead of too many active orders. Very odd.

The other thing I don’t understand is how logging in on your phone with Facebook wouldn’t count as having multiple accounts. If you somehow obtained multiple accounts by mistake by using a social media login, I would suggest asking CS to delete the second account before that gets you in much worse trouble.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Just did that. This is the exact message. I like how it’s phrased as a matter that assists me :slight_smile:

Reply to @jamesbulls: Zeromark is correct. I have always had sporadic issues with attaching to the delivery box (it wouldn’t happen ever time, like 1 in 25 orders). On those orders, I’d instantly attach it in a message right before or after delivering.

I told Fiverr this way back when I started and they basically said just keep messaging them, but let them know if it persists. I figured many months counted as a “persisting” issue" and the next time I told them, all this happened!

Reply to @sydneymorgan: I would think that you should have kept messaging them every time it was happening. Not just once a few months later.

Reply to @luiscesarmx: That’s wierd. I clicked on your link and got this “This page is no longer available” But there was your Gig…fully operational.

Reply to @ricksper: Do you know why this is happening ?