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Gig removed. what about reviews


My primary gig has been denied. It is no more active. Please let me know if this would affect my reviews associated with this gig. Also tell me what should i do next?

Thank you in advance, experts


Why was your gig denied?


It was active since 2016. They now say it failed to pass review.


Reviews will stay, any buyer can see them on your main page.

I recommend you figure out why your gig was removed and create a new one without those offending issues.


Ok thank you. Relaxed about reviews now


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


If I delete this gig, would reviews still remain in my profile?


Yes, they will remain in profile page. You should contact CS, Why they have deleted your gig?


I want to continue rephrasing copied work so as to make it 100% genuine and plagiarism free.

Was this what the removed gig was for? Just curious.


Same problem with me my gig was denied and i contacted to CS they said if gig denied then it can not be reactive just delete it and you can create new gig.


yes it was regarding paraphrasing content


They probably saw that you mentioned “copied” work in the gig. I know this is perfectly ok to do but the way you phrased it made it sound sort of fishy probably. I know that it is normal to read work by others and put it into your own words, so I am guessing it sounded like you were plagarizing but that is just a guess.


Yes I will now try to edit my words and create a new gig