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Gig removed when I just published it

Fiver removed my gig and warned me sending a mail saying “Your account was flagged for offering services that are not allowed in our marketplace.” But there are still hundreds of gigs are alive offering the same type of services that I offered.

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What kind of service were trying to offer?

Bear in mind that just because there are “OTHER” sellers offering the same gig, it doesn’t mean it’s allowed. It only means the system has yet to catch them offering it. In due time, whatever the service if it’s not allowed by Fiverr, will be removed. Just takes time.


My offered service was “Guest post”. And see this screenshot Guest%20post when i searched for Guest post, Fiverr shows total 4k+ gigs. Now you may suggest me to create a gig with different category and sub-category. Well I tried that too see this screenshots

Category-1: 39501232_300385667385410_3731899986892292096_n

Category-2: 39467708_2160903380858646_6644273235355500544_n

I meant to create a Guest post gig with the category Digital marketing > Influencer marketing > Shoutout & Promotion. And they already restricted my categorization, when I show that I tried other categories and OMG Fiverr shows me green light than i thought I’m great to go but and again the removed my gig.

Now, please don’t tell me fiverr going to remove all this 4104 gigs offering guest post.