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Gig removed with unclear reasons..what am I missing?


Been on Fiverr over year. Level 2 seller. 700 gigs completed. Decided to update a video on my Audiobook narration gig… I get this…

  • Your gig packages must contain words and explain the service you are offering and you may not have “Level 2 Seller on Fiverr with 100% positive reviews” in your gig description as seller levels may fluctuate
  • Misleading/Unclear Packages
  • Wrong Fiverr Badge in image

Kindly modify your Gig so it can be approved.

Ok no problem. I’ll remove level 2 seller on Fivverr with 100% positivie reviews. Try to be more descriptive of my gig.

Wrong Fiverr badge in image? I deleted my old image it’s no longer there and replaced it

Modified it wait.

Needs Modification again. Gave as much detail as possible. Everything was aligned and correct. Been on Fiverr over a year. I’m 100% sure this was correct. Double triple checked.

Next update same exact message nothing clear on what needed to be change. They then removed my gig. Two tabs were “red” they only allowed you to update one tab instead of two. “Two” tabs needed attention. I couldn’t save each tab in my gig in order to complete. Kept Customer Service in loop. They couldn’t help me they sent messages to Editor board and then the board sent same general info back.

I personally don’t think my info was updated and they were not seeing the changes and possibly a snafu. I’ve updated gigs long enough to know how to do it correctly what am I missing? By the way this gig was active for over a year and a half and brought in thousands for audiobooks. Ranked on the front page of “audio book” key word. Now gone.


Just edit one at a time?


If I have two tabs to edit all you do is change one, submit it, wait then change the other one. Oh, I see…what???


I’m just guessing as I’ve never had that happen that way but it’s all you can do it seems. You can’t edit and submit both at the same time right? Have you asked CS how to do two different edits on two tabs at one time?


I’m so far getting nothing even though I kept them in the loop but my guess is that they haven’t had any information sent back from the editor yet after several submissions to them. Next course of action, don’t modify these gigs too quickly wait it out. Especially on a holiday weekend.


That was a tremendous struggle when it happened to me. I kept writing to CS asking for clarification on what they wanted and it didn’t quite make sense to me.


I’m wondering instead of submitting the modification, you should send what you wanted added to the Custom Service rep and have it sent to the board member to see if that’s the right thing to change and wait it out…and if you get more clearer info then good to go…I’m wondering though…if you are in “modification status” too long you’ll end up getting your gig removed…don’t know…


I was in modification status for ten excruciating days as I constantly struggled to come up with what they were asking for without really understanding it. I sent many messages to CS and never got the clarification I was needing. I finally just put in the best thing I could think of and it cleared.


It’s strange…level 2 for me…700 orders later…tons of gigs created and out of the blue boom.


I would like to see what your gig looked like before this happened, out of curiosity.


I’ll have to try to recreate it. Audiobook gigs are weird too. Not your typical audio gig either.



Interesting Steve…I actually didn’t have “exclusively” on Fiverr in my video description but they didn’t flag my video and kept talking about the description. It seems like a guessing game…don’t know…would of had no problem changing the video if I knew that was the case


well I believe @misscrystal has the best idea. Next time get a modification ding…I’m taking it to the forum screen shot by screen shot…description by descrition…video etc…pricing…etc, etc, etc, and get the most comprehensive advice on what it should like and then make the changes. Don’t rush it either! Bingo! Solution! It’s a pain to do…but it’s not as big of a pain as losing a gig that was brining in a couple of grand…this will make a good positive post.


@willstauff You can send it to me if you want to and I will have a look at it as long as I don’t get blamed if my suggestions don’t work haha.

You probably can’t post it on the forum.

It’s really a good idea however so you could try it in the category for improve my gigs and then message me about it being there.

Of course keep a copy of all your gigs before you do that so we can see them. Someone else might notice something that needs changing that we ourselves can’t see. I could have used another pair of eyes looking at my gig the previous time, as well as the message about it I got.