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Gig Removed without any warning before!

Today my best selling gig was removed by fiverr without any warning before.
They just send me e-mail that they review again my gig and they update my gig status to denied!

I really confused with this.
Why they removed my gig after I got lot selling from there?
I think when we created the gig, then the fiverr team have been review it and if the gig was active, that mean the gig was legal.

I have read fiverr forum, specially on “My Fiverr Gigs” category and I got some people with same case.

So, I think there was something wrong with fiverr!



I don’t know what happened but there your assumption that the gig was reviewed and approved earlier is not correct. Gigs can be created in seconds and if they pass basic automated checkpoints (image size, excess keywords, etc) the system allows them. Even obviously invalid gigs including nudity, fraud, etc. can get past software.

It isn’t until a complaint comes in or a human reviewer checks a gig that it gets denied, so they can be days or many months after creation.

So you said that all gig have a chance to be marked as denied anytime by fiverr?
Without any warning before?

Yes. That is what she said. You are not guaranteed success or high-ranking gigs in the search results just because you want them. Nor are you guaranteed perpetual gig visibility just because you have a gig. There are rules, guidelines, and policies that determine what is allowed, and what is not.

You have two options when things like this become an issue:

1.) Contact Customer Support and ask them for clarification.
2.) Be familiar with the clearly-listed Terms of Service.

If you read the rules, the TOS, and all other posted information, you can generally avoid 95% of all confusion.

Thank you for your feedback.

I have try to contact CS and I got this answer:
“Unfortunately that kind of service is not sold on Fiverr therefor your Gig has been denied.”

I think that was not give me clear information about why my gig was removed.

@Iaccoa - Actually that response from CS was very clear: “…that kind of service is not sold on Fiverr therefore your Gig has been denied.”

You were trying to sell something on Fiverr that either goes against the rules of Fiverr, or is not allowed here. THAT is your answer – clear and final. What more do you need?

Thank you for your answer.
But honestly I waiting for answer from people who work for fiverr, like from fonthaunt.
I think they more know then you.

@Iaccoa – Very well. But I know @fonthaunt – I have even worked with her as a moderator on these forums. I know as much as she does about the rules of this site. She’s not going to tell you anything different than I have.

I work for Fiverr as a Top Rated Seller which means that Fiverr works with me closely to get me a lot of gigs and money while making sure that bad buyers are given to people like you because that is how it really works here I am sorry
to tell you this big secret of how it all works holy runon sentence batman and anyway you want to hear from a top dog well here it is like bees in your mouth.

You are *****************

What a shame. jonbaas is also a fiverr moderator. But you only want a reply from fonthaunt. Open your ears wider to hear what you have been told.

People who “work for Fiverr” are in Customer Support. fonthaunt is a forum admin, not a Fiverr employee.

No Admin or Moderator here on the forum works for Fiverr. We are all volunteers.

You got an answer to your question already! @Jonbaas is absolutely right.