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Ok so recently I have noticed a few gigs that directly contravene copyright laws I.e. sellers selling links to download copyrighted music albums. Other gigs that would directly breach the Tos of other websites such as google adsense. What I propose is a flag button on gigs that is limited to TRS with a drop down thats explains in brief why you think the gig should be reviewed by a moderator I.e copyright infringment , TOS infringment, etc etc. I think there are a lot of gigs here that break the rules but flagging them for a moderator review and expedite the process will help our community grow into a trusted sales platform that keeps both buyers and sellers safe from breaking the rules and brining thr fiverr platform into



It’s a good idea. But I don’t see it happening any time soon. I’m pretty sure the Fiverr staff Vs. amount of members (Buyers/Sellers) is horribly out of balance right now.

Having a flag button would probably completely swamp the Fiverr staff. Worst case scenario I could picture them getting thousands of flags a day. (Or maybe even per hour LOL) Some would be legit flags and some would be “Other Jealous sellers flagging competition”. Youtube is really, really bad for that. Illegitimate flagging.

Still. With all that said. You are absolutely right. Maybe some day. :slight_smile:

ozzieuk said: Suggestions?

I have literally taken the pain to write a support ticket with links to all links that are selling illegal downloads, but they did nothing. Not sure if a report button is something that they would be interested in. Sadly they play their own game, you can only play along or be a spectator, never a participant.


:slight_smile: Good thinking. But I’d sure like to see this limited like “Sheriffs” here are limited.


I reported a gig last night for selling on copyrighted links to music albums they were quick to remove the sellers gig and all the others for some reason, I see your point @anarchofighter be good to have a small select few who can hold the position with a bit of responsibility.

I suggested it to support and they were keen for me to submit another ticket with details of my thoughts, just thought I’d garner a bit of feedback from the forum before I did that.




Hugs friend. You’re a really nice guy.


It is a great idea, everyone helps police up the bad players but there would be some gray areas obviously. As pointed out by anarchofighter, Fiverr would need to appoint a select few. The person that has the gig should be notified of the “possible” violation as well. Just because someone thinks a gig is illegal does not make it so.

The appointee would need to understand fully the TOS and so on. I assume that if the gigs where illegal to begin with, Fiverr would have removed them/denied them leading me to believe they are playing catch up and everyone flagging gigs would only reduce the excellent customers response to other sellers and buyers.

It is up to the buyer to do their due diligence when ordering a gig. The bad players may get away with selling a few gigs but I suspect the free market will weed out the bad ones. Just my thoughts.