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If I want to find people to write SEO optimised articles for me, which is the best category to advertise my gig request: Writing & Translation or Internet Marketing - Articles & PR submission or would this one only attract people who do submissions rather than writing?


I don’t think you really need to put out a gig request. There are many sellers already who offer “keyword rich” type articles. I’d just do a search for "Optimized article"

I did this and found 13,858 results including ( a featured seller)

And even this top rated seller

Please note these are pseudo-random selections and not endorsements. And per the rules of the channel they’re not “offers to buy” just showing the power of the search tool


Thanks, anarchofighter. Understood :). Quite funny though, because I already messaged 2 of those sellers about their gigs and neither of them got back to me! Find this quite a lot.


From my experience(only lets me suggest gigs relevant to the category sigh), a lot of people submit their request to the directory submissions area but I don’t think many people just write an article there, it usually involves a submission. There is a category, “Writing & Translation -> SEO KEYWORD OPTIMIZATION” which would be most relevant, I would think.


Why do gig requests get turned down? As mentioned above when you message people a lot of time they go unanswered. Therefore I would like to post a gig request so that those who are interested or are actively working their gigs at that moment can contact me.

I’ve made 2 gig requests,

  1. Looking for someone with a fluent understanding of Inkfrog eBay lister to create listings

  2. And the other was a request for theme for a website I’ve already built.

    Ok, #2 I could understand, hundreds of theme developers out there…but the first one I can’t find a gig with someone familiar with Inkfrog.

    Now I’m looking for someone to ‘get’ rss feeds for me…not redistribute mine. I hope it gets approved.