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Gig request clarity bug


I get a lot of spam (- people apply with non-related gigs) in my gig requests. The sellers tell me they just see request appear but no description. for example I requested “Facebook API” but got “Goggle Analytics” gig proposal. Please fix


Ah, that may explain why you were rather rude to me when I followed up about a writing assignment you wanted from me and for which we started our negotiations.

In that same message, I shared with you my new gig that would be of value to you with an invitation to evaluate it’s appropriateness for yourself.

Your response was totally uncool and really over the top. Harsh and judgmental. Not at all like you were in our prior discussion and not at all like most folks in this wonderful Fiverr family.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having challenges with the request feature. I would certainly encourage better searching, I find that most people doing requests could find the gig offered already with more aggressive searching.