Gig request did not pass our review


I requested a gig which was denied by a “review process”. Here is what I requested:

“I have drawn an illustration of an African woman with dreadlocks whose hair spells out the words “I love my hair”. I would like it to be redrawn to make the illustration better and to make the dreadlocks look more like dreadlocks and the letters to look more readable. I also want the letters to look like they are formed by several locks held together with a rubber band. I would like the dreadlocks to be larger and have some texture to them. I think they are drawn too small which makes then not look like dreadlocks.”

I attached a picture which I drew (no nudity or anything offensive). I got any email with a list of possible reasons why my request was denied. What is the point of this useless email if they do not specify why the request was not approved? What a huge waist of time. I can’t believe a website would treat its CUSTOMERS this way.