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Gig Request Unapproved TWICE

I have had many Gig requests in the past that did NOT get unapproved. Wondering what the problem with this one could be…

YouTube data scraper needed to a.) scrape an individual channel to obtain for each video: URL,Title, Description, Tags and b.) scrape stats for each video: Number of Subscribers, Numbers of Shares, Number of Comments. I need this scraper to be able to re-run on demand and export into Excel.

Maybe YouTube has been complaining to Fiverr. So try this, in your request title, write Need Data Scrapper For Online Videos. Then in an attachment, you can create a brief and mention Youtube.

I hope this helps you.

youtube company have their copyrights
they don’t allow Scrapper For Online Videos

Hi pal
its best to write the message in notepad or wordpad and use attachment