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Gig requests ignored by sellers

I’ve used Fiverr for a few months now. Coming across some really professional sellers, who deliver quality services. Whilst quickly figuring out, you get what you pay for.

However I am extremely surprised with the number of times I’ve been completely ignored by sellers. Most of which have been basic tasks, nothing monumental.
I spend quite a bit of time researching the offers, pricing etc. and I always follow the correct protocol, by making contact before ordering a Gig. Is there something I’m missing?

Any advice, would be appreciated

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If you’re sending the same message to a lot of sellers at the same time, your requests are likely ending up marked as spam, so no one sees them.

Send requests one at a time.


You could also send what you need as a request in the buyer request section. You’ll likely get a quite a few offers from sellers that way.

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Hi, do you mean you’ve reached out to individual sellers? I find it hard to believe that a seller would ignore a genuine request from a buyer!

I love getting offers in my inbox and a new opportunity to work with someone. Also, it will reflect negatively on a seller’s profile if he or she does not reply to a new request. Most sellers would respond. So, I am thinking - perhaps something went wrong somewhere?

I definitely agree with you. I haven’t actually had any requests on this platform, but everytime I get one, it warms my heart. Actual oppurtunities to work are worth gold!

Initially I did started life on this platform, with posting a request in the buyer section and your right @uk1000 you do get a lot of sellers this way. However the sellers ‘I’ selected, completely ignored the brief and a lot of valuable time was wasted.

So plan 2 @coerdelion contacting numerous sellers at once. Now with this method the most I contacted at once was 3, however I spent time researching the seller. So each request was unique, it’d be a shame if this was marked as spam.

I started with detailed requests, reducing it down to 1 liners. But I was concerned I’d come across as a potential time waster.

The platform has an amazing concept and I do understand there are external circumstances; existing workload, personal circumstances etc
@helenabester and @lnova6777 I’m completely with you. God forbid the day I ignore potential buyers.

There has to be a way to more efficient. I now find myself heavily invested with how I present my requests. I must be doing something wrong

If you send a request to a seller and they ignore it, then that will affect their stats in a negative way. So, my point is … they’re probably not ignoring it. It may be you’re sending too many messages to sellers and they’re triggering some security algorithm, so ending up marked as spam.

Wait a few minutes between sending each message.

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Sorry maybe I should clarify my experience so far;

  • Me - Hi, I’m interested in X services
  • Seller - Yeh sure
  • Me - Request explaination
  • Seller - No response

2 days waiting for response then researching for a new seller

  • Me - Hi, I’m interested in X services
  • Seller - Yeh sure

It’s clear Sellers are conscious of SLA’s but surely a light conversation after to clarify whether we can proceed, is not asking too much

Ah - so they’re answering in order to keep up their response rate … and then ignoring your further enquiry.

Are you asking for samples … or more than the seller is offering …it could be a great many things …

Of course, you’re more likely to get this kind of response from the $5 sellers. If that’s the case, choose a levelled seller, who may charge more, but probably won’t ignore your requests. They may well politely decline, though …


I agree! It would depend on what you are asking. I often decline orders if I feel they are not worth my while. However, I don’t ignore buyers. I always find it best to cut the chase, get to the heart of the matter, and ask the buyer for more details. As soon as it becomes apparent that we are not a match, I politely tell the buyer. I agree we should not waste each other’s time!

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My preference is to get a detailed first message so I can understand exactly what you need.
In those instances I can send a custom offer immediately. What I hate (although still wouldn’t ignore) are people who send short messages and I have to extract what they are actually looking for. This is a huge time suck for me when I want to be working. It also often happens that a whole project is discussed and the buyer then says the price is too high, despite it being in line with what the gig price says, meaning they clearly didn’t check that.
I feel like most sellers would share this sentiment.
Also - check things like the seller’s most recent delivery time, orders in queue, number of recent reviews etc. to see that they are active.


Hi, it definitely depends on the sellers. I think there are sellers who use Fiverr as a “hobby”, others who are serious about it. Personally when a buyer contacts me, I answer as soon as possible, even if I’m busy, because I value the service I offer. Evidently not everyone has the same thought. :slight_smile:

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In an ideal world, with the appropriate budget I’d go straight for the Pro Services (with the assumption, they’re well versed in their field). I learnt very early on that cheap ‘$5’ gigs does not provide quality. So I normally aim for Top Rated or Level 2.

Please note, I take the time to research their services and prices but I don’t really work of their queue. I guess I thought they would advise, if they couldn’t take it on - which is more than fair.

I only request what they advertise and also think it’s slightly disrespectful to request a discounts or more than what they’ve advertised. Every’s time is money!

It makes sense to stick with detailed requests. I know that’s what I’d like.

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A big thanks Guys! It’s nice to know there are serious Sellers on the platform.


That’s great to hear! (There are also good sellers for 5$ but it might take a lot of time and failed tries to find the right one).

As for sellers ignoring second message: there also might be another reason. Some people just can’t say “no” and they might be not replying your message because they can’t complete it and doesn’t feel like saying “no”.

Anyway even if some sellers are ghosting you that’s definitely not sellers that you want to work with. Even if they are good sellers your proposal just might not be in line with their services and it’s better to find someone who will fully believe that they can complete your request.

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