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Gig Requests SPAM solution - REJECT proposals feature

People not even reading gig requests, they just apply whatever its relevant or not. Create ability to REJECT proposals for the BUYER

Sellers often have a gig that actually matches (or comes close) to the request but they often cannot choose to send you the right gig offering. The system is designed strangely right now. Some intend to spam I guess but most really wish they could select any gig that matches. It would help if Fiverr fixed that. In the meantime it may be best to contct the seller and ask about their proposal.

You can ignore the ones you dont want to answer, so how would the reject option help?

Agreed. Many times I have tried to send a proposal, and the gigs from which Fiverr lets me choose are not applicable. I am forced to choose the closest one and hope the buyer reads my text. Apparently some buyers are not reading our messages :frowning:

I see a lot of request I would be able to make but my current gig don’t apply. It would be much easier if it was possible to send the user requesting a gig a message or something to discuss it.