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Gig Requests

What a super idea that went bad.

How many of you actually get what you ask for at the rate (or even slightly more) that you listed.

I had a persistent guy, so I gave him the gig. Suddey there is $60 for this and $30 processing for that - and we started at $10 with him just having to convert one file to another


This is kinda like how long is a piece of string.
What some buyers put as a budget is ridiculous and on top of that there are many who then add some extra work on to the original description. That said, as a buyer I do not use buyer requests any more. Going through 30 rubbish offers, hoping to get one useful offer is much more time consuming than actively searching out sellers.
Before ordering anything, know what you are getting and what is included for the price. If you are expecting something that an offer or gig does not mention then contact the seller first.
Use my post below as a guide for how to have better luck when selecting sellers.

What are you trying to convert if I may ask, I might be able to help? You can PM me as I don’t want to get done for spamming my services :slight_smile: