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Gig Requirement - external website



Is it allowed if one of the requirements for a purchased gig is to ask buyers to open a website for video instructions and further steps?

Gigs for example, installing wordpress sites which needs hosting and admin details.

Also for gigs that requires an email where the credentials will be sent like wordpress credentials.

Hope experts can shed light.

Thank you.


You can ask for emails if needed to provide the service, but you can’t set it as requirement. Fiverr’s system is not smart enough to evaluate if it’s needed or not so you might get a flag for it. (At least that’s the experience I had last time I asked details in the requirements)

Simply ask for details via message or even better create a discovery form separate from Fiverr


Thanks for the tip.

So its okay for fiverr to send buyer to a form to get all details regarding hosting, username to be created, title, etc etc, admin email for credential…

Just making sure before I create this gig its within Fiverr policy.

Hope a Fiverr staff can verify this also.



You can ask Fiverr support.
I don’t do much work on Fiverr anymore so can’t say for sure, but TOS says you can share details if it’s needed to provide the service :slight_smile:
I preferred using online forms.

Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the order page.


Instead of a form, create a document so you can share with the customer on the order page. So whatever happens… They can track and give better support


I have not tried creating a document on the order page. Can they edit this or something?

What I want to avoid is when bots scan your msgs and captures emails and flag you on an automated level.

thanks for the tip.


I was talking about a word document so they can fill it up and send it back. That is how i was asking the customer information if needed from past 3 years.


Got it.

Unfortunately for me I dont do MS Office anymore, but this is a good idea.
I can do this for Google Doc, but it wont be automated, will eat 5 mins of the total process.



I can understand. I use it because, not all of my customers requirements are same so i had to change the required details.

In your case i can see that you need same details everytime so i suggest you to contact CS, they will definitely tell you more about this properly. We are just sellers and buyers.