Gig Requirement: Photo Attachments


Hey, hi & hello there everyone!

I am extremely new to Fiverr, so please excuse my ignorance here. I create custom digital pet portraits using photos provided from the buyer, however I am not able to start the gig until the buyer sends me their photos!

I am just curious as to whether or not it is possible to have a gig requirement where the buyer MUST attach a photo before placing an order? I have mentioned in the order requirements to attach a photo, & made it mandatory to respond however that does not make it mandatory for a buyer to actually attach something…

I have my first order started right now (woohoo) however the client has not sent me the required photos yet - they said that they did in the order requirements, but I do not see any attachments & have pretty well looked everywhere.

At this point in time I am worried that I will run out of time to complete the gig before I receive the photos on their end, & would really like to avoid this scenario in future orders! I have no problem whatsoever completing orders on time/ahead of schedule, but having to wait for buyers to send me photos after an order is already placed does not seem very logical to me. Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much.


Chelsea @ Floral Wolf