Gig requirements mandatory?



My question: are gig requirements in the gig setting mandatory now? Is there any way to omit it? The reason I ask: it’s a 3rd person this month (BTW am I the only one with low orders this month? I remember the same month last year and it was like 200% more orders…), so it’s a 3rd person this month who haven’t filled in requirements field while ordering. So every time I have to ask the person to go back and update it because the gig won’t start. And they have problems to find it and I have no Idea how to explain it to them because I have never seen requirements form in my life. I assume it must be a horrible UX design made by Fiverr’s team if buyers can’t see it straight away.



There is an option to make them required. You can choose to not make it required, than they do not have to leave any info if they do not wish.



OK, so the only way is to create a requirement but leave it as optional (uncheck “answer is mandatory”). Thanks, that’s a solution.


Well, I thought unchecking mandatory box will be the solution, but unfortunately it’s not. I think the requirements question is quite good visible on the WWW version of Fiverr but there is something wrong with a mobile version I just got an order and the buyer did not fill the requirements field.


They aren’t required.


Oh yes, they are, they are.