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Gig Requires Modification - Do I need to remove individual buyer reviews?

I updated all of my gigs last night. I got an email this morning saying my SEO web content writing gig requires modification. Here is their stated reason, which appears when I go to my gig’s gallery:

“We ask that you do not use a Fiverr seller badge, your seller level, or stars representing your rating in your Gig images, video, profile picture, or any other Gig components. Seller levels and rating are not permanent and may change on a monthly basis. Therefore, this may mislead our buyer community. We ask that you modify your Gig accordingly.”

I’m trying to figure out what exactly in my gig triggered this.

  • I do not use my seller badge or level anywhere
  • My main gig photo is the same as always. I’ve attached it here.

I do not mention my overall rating anywhere, but I do mention past reviews. This is the most likely culprit, although these statements/representations will always be true because they happened in the past.

My gig images do include individual buyer reviews I received on writing samples I’ve uploaded. So do my other gigs, which were not flagged. I’ve uploaded an example of this, with the buyer’s username removed as per forum rules.

I’ve been doing this for quite a while because I think it’s a good bit of added social proof, but now I’m worried that this might be the problem and if I don’t change it, this gig and my other gigs may be denied in the future. Maybe it was just a mistake of the algorithm, but I guess I should probably remove the reviews from my samples to be safe. What do you guys think?

P.S. This also brings up questions about whether i can mention in my gig descriptions that I have over 450 positive reviews. Again, this is something that will never change, and it’s something I’ve been mentioning for a long time, but maybe Fiverr is not that discerning.



I think that’s exactly what you should do according to the message you received. It’s enough for buyers to see your profile. There is no need to prove it in the reviews.


You could ask CS for the reason (I expect, being a TRS you’ll get a quick answer) and whether you can show the reviews in images. They probably saw 5 stars in the images and assumed that was the same as saying you were a 5 star seller (average rating for all reviews) and didn’t take into account that those reviews/ratings can never normally change (unless by CS removing them or something). edit: I also think it might be safer to not mention the number of positive reviews (unless they say it’s okay) even though that can’t really go lower.


Well, I just changed all my photos for that gig, removing the buyer reviews. Hopefully that does the trick! Once it’s approved, I’ll update the others too…just in case.


It’s probably because he “E” on that SEO logo in the picture is green and looks like a fiverr badge / Logo.
These Fiverr CS guys are very funny.

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If you mention in gig descriptions you have over a certain number of positive reviews that might be the reason.

I think you should take that out and then message CS and ask if that was the reason as you are not sure. Ask them before you try posting the gig again. Take your time until you fully understand the reason.

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Fiverr doesn’t seem to like when you do those things. Remember that any buyer who cares about reviews is going to look through yours, anyway. The social proof is there and present where people look for it. Being redundant can work against you.

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yes, because the seller who has 1K+ reviews are more attractive for buyers then a skilled newbie. even those newbies have much better ideas for their clients.

They probably saw 5 stars in the images and assumed that was the same as saying you were a 5 star seller

Did you mean that the following image is wrong for fiverr gig?


I think it’s wrong. :thinking:


But I saw so many gigs similar to this, and even I didn’t got any instruction for removing those stars.

Don’t show five stars in your gig images.

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here are so many unintentional and very small small mistakes we ever made. we should need to gain good knowledge to become a Mr. Perfect. :slight_smile:

Thank you

Well, I’m lost. I just replaced all of my gig images. The new one is completely different. It’s purple, black and white. I just got another notification that it needs to be modified again. I’ll have to contact CS and hopefully they’ll tell me what the problem is.

Okay, it looks like I know the problem!
After changing my gig images, they notified me for a second time that it still needs to be modified. But this time, it actually shows the reason! Now this message shows.


And here’s the last word on the subject from customer support.


Good information to know.

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