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Gig Restoration Amid Crisis

Good day fiverrmates,

The task to resurrect and or restore gigs after a lengthy time away from fiverr can be and actually is very challenging. This is so especially if your gigs were impacted by cancellations arising out of orders made by potential customers who failed to make contact or disregarded the instructions to communicate with sellers before placing an order.

I decided to make quality and value for money overturn the negative effects those buyers actions had on my gig and I have gotten more orders, provided increased value from cultivating new skills and impacted the lives of scores of people globally. I am a talented writer and graphic designer who pays impeccable attention to detail, listens to my customers and deliver orders based on their direct specifications.

Notwithstanding the orders I still haven’t been able to rank my gigs to reappear in the search results. Do you think that gig restoration is a bad idea and it would do more justice to start over? If no, enlightened me on techniques to fully restore my gigs.

I invite you to have a look on my awesome gig to aid in your advice:


You can use the buyer requests (send offers) to help start getting orders on gigs that haven’t received them for quite a while.
Your tip gig might not really be needed now that there’s a tip function.
Your “proof read and edit documents…” gig has a video thumbnail that is a blank white image. Maybe select one that people might be more likely to click on. Maybe add an FAQ to some other gigs.

I don’t think you need to start over if you’ve received orders recently (I think you might need Fiverr’s permission to close the account and start a new one if you decided to).

Hi @alpha1kb,

You have built a pretty decent customer base over the years based on what I am seeing from the gigs you offer on this platform so you already set the foundation despite the unfortunate situation where your gigs have been impacted while you were away from fiverr. My advice to you is to continue promoting your gigs (utilize the promoted gigs feature if you can) and keep those 5 star reviews coming in to rubbish the negatives.

In everything we do there will be good and bad; ups and down but there will always be buyers who sees that the pros outweighs the cons and will try your gig. I agree with @uk1000 on the proofread and edit gig display picture - Use a photo or previous work that sells your gig. Continuously take online courses to boost your credibility and keep giving customers value for money. All the best!



Good evening,

Thank you for your timely response. I have put a lot of work and effort into building my customer base. I had a video on the proofreading gig and didn’t quite realize that it appeared blank so thank you for pointing that out. I will edit immediately.

I bought a few courses that I will take to display those on my profile as well and I intend the use the promoted gig feature to see if it actually works for me. Thanks a million!