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Gig revenue

I completed an order on 12 May.

But I still have not got any revenue from that gig in my account.

Anyone to help?

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

Click on SALES > Revenues

Does it show anywhere in the list?

Is it under CLEARED or PENDING or CANCELLED drop downs?

By ‘completed’ do you mean delivered?

If you delivered 5/12 and the Buyer didn’t pick it up, it takes 3 days to auto-complete (that would be 5/15 or 5/16).

Then it takes 14 (or 15) days to CLEAR (that would be 5/29 or 5/30).

So today is 5/30. The funds could CLEAR today or maybe tomorrow.

It’s best to simply check the drop downs and see exactly what the status of your delivery is.

I delivered order but its showing under completed in manage orders…

I thought buyer would have confirmed, didn’t considered the auto-complete as you mentioned.

I Hope funds will be added today or tomorrow.

Thanks for your reply.