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A pleasant goodnight, can anyone review my gig @

  1. Why did you pause the gig?
  2. I think you should have packages, not everything is worth $5.
  3. I think you have a very original gig, but is there a market for it? That I don’t know.


Here’s a question what does fiverr means by 5 gig multiples for I’m a new seller?



I found this on your link:

“Gig Multiples
Offer more of the same $5 Gig.”

Maybe it refers to multiplying the same gig. So for example, a Logo designer might have this:

Gig 1: Minimalist logos
Gig 2: Old fashioned logos
Gig 3: Avant garde logos
Gig 4: Black and white logos
Gig 5: Futuristic logos

Personally, I don’t think that’s necessary, I think a logo designer would be better having two logo gigs, then different design gigs, like this:

Gig 1: modern logo
Gig 2: traditional logo
Gig 3: Book cover design
Gig 4: Facebook page design
Gig 5: Web banner design

That way you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket, but are doing different things to capture different buyers.