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Gig review and point out weakness and technical flaws I am getting frustration

Hello guys !!!
I hope you all are doing well. plz do one favor for me please review my gigs and tell me what our the weaknesses are there I am not getting orders what are improvements are required
here is a link of my gigs


in that same position right now. infact its like a contest… I do photo edits, photo manipulations and posters, others are doing it too. my prices are average, their own are low. now sir you need to update those gigs with new work.

Hi so here are some things to point out that i notice when looking at your gigs. Note “this is just my opinion and observation”. Having said that i think your images can be better, a little bigger and show some colors, they don’t look too appealing. You listing copy looks ok, maybe can be a little more descriptive as well. The fact that you are just starting means you are probably not ranked on the top pages of the search results, so work on promoting your gig on facebook and other platforms. Also you have no reviews which is understandable since you are new I assume, so promote your listings and when you start getting orders, give a lot of value, make customers feel appreciated so their experience can be a great one, and they can reward you with some positive reviews. Other than that just don’t give up, be patient, it takes time my friend.