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Gig Review process UPDATE


OK so initially we had the thumbs up and thumbs down system.


Then came the star rating system.
Added a bit complexity, giving room for more honest but also more arbitrary reviews.

Still pretty simple. It was right there under the delivery box.

Then, came the private feedback system.
After the buyer accepted the order submitted their review, they were asked for an optional private feedback.
Oh boy did that open a can of worms. But I digress.

Still pretty straightforward. Everything was done on the same page, private feedback came after the review process was done.

So how are things looking now?

It has come to my attention that Fiverr changed the process -since I am also a buyer myself- to the following:

  1. Buyer needs to hit the “Rate your Experience” button.
  2. They are then taken to a new page where they need to fill out the PRIVATE FEEDBACK form.
  3. After they do that, then they are actually presented with the actual review page.

Sure the private feedback is still optional, but buyers don’t spend all that time to check what is requested of them, or check the tiny “skip” lettering to the bottom of the page.


I noticed a drop in reviews submitted in the past 15 days or so, and I even had two buyers telling me they submitted a review, because they thought the private feedback was it! And when the go back to the order page, there is no longer a button for them to actually rate my gig. Because they skipped it the first time around, by only filling out the private feedback.

Why is the private feedback page coming up before the actual rating page?

I mean I understand people were skipping it, so Fiverr is trying to optimize, but come on!
We need the ratings and we need more buyers completing their orders when we deliver, not 3 days later!

I am now preparing a video tutorial that I will actually deliver with each order, to show my buyers how the system works, since Fiverr doesn’t do it.

Hurrah! New Reviewing Layout

Now more than ever it would seem. :wink:

I can imagine the discussion at Fiverr Towers:
Okay chaps - we’ll bring in a new evaluation system where sellers need to get as many 5 star reviews as possible, but we’ll make it more difficult for the buyers to leave their feedback. Winner! :rofl:

Out of :purple_heart::purple_heart:


Yep, I started explaining the review process as well in my handover videos.
At first I needed to explain how revision works (delivering an order doesn’t mean it’s completed, it means you need to review it). Now I have to explain how the reviews work.

Soon we’ll have to walk them through the purchase flow to make sure they pick all the right extras and fill out requirements.

Buyers have stopped leaving reviews

Yes I notice that when Fiverr changes something, they never bother explaining changes or notifying anyone.

Us sellers work things out by ourselves in the forum, but buyers? Oh boy, are they in the dark.

Like how hard would it be to get a notification ONCE when something is changed?


Yes, me too. Drop in rated orders even from regular customers I know are happy because they say so in messages and come back and don’t seem that stingy with their time. Especially buyers with less than perfect English and new buyers will have a problem with that.
I’m never asking for a review, but still always had a pretty good ratio, and I’ve noticed a definite drop.

Some people are even not sure if they are reviewing or writing a normal message to the seller, as can be seen, and the system as it is now, seems either too complex or not “presented” optimally.

The publicly visible review should be the first thing either way, many will stop with the first review and not even realise they did not review the seller in the way others can see.


Also thought it was strange when I make purchases that the private review comes up first. Doesn’t seem to make much sense. The public reviews seem most important, especially to a seller.


It’s not just that.

The actual filling out of stars, plus the review box used to be right there on the order page.

The fact that they now take the buyer to a completely blank page is itself ruining the experience and confuses buyers. It is disruptive to the experience and it makes it harder for the buyer to get there.

Buyers are easily startled.

Plus when they receive what they ordered, they usually go about their day.
They won’t spend 10 minutes figuring out what they need to do, because guess what?

They don’t need to do anything. They need to take the video I delivered and start using it.


FGS. What is Fiverr actually trying to achieve by this?

I had a buyer leave me three stars after I massively over delivered an order. As a result, I left my own review of them and they immediately tipped me $50 and started bombarding me with messages saying sorry - they had thought that they had left me a better review and had got confused.

I am so sick of this. The only sellers these changes benefit are sellers who are either priced highly and can spend time consulting and cuddling buyers, or sellers who can commit to rapid-fire deliveries by selling things like automatically generated SEO reports, purely imaginary spooky services, or things like knocked off videohive templates.

Does Fiverr even realize its waging war on its sellers?

I think that that the video tutorial is a great idea. The thing is:

  • I’m going to have to buy something to get screenshots of the process
  • I’m going to have to spend time making a video
  • Then Fiverr is probably going to look at it one day and say, ‘hey, that person is trying to manipulate reviews.’

Seriously, Fiverr is just becoming ridiculous.


I am not familiar if any of you had worked on the “U” platform, but it’s really cool that they have both the private and the public feedback on the same page, plus, we as sellers are able to leave a review which actually affects the rating of the clients. Their feedback system is near perfection.

In my opinion, the problem is that Fiverr wants to become a platform for more complex jobs, but they don’t want to get rid of the “old stuff”, you know the ones that make Fiverr a platform for quick jobs. That does not harm them, nor the buyers, but it has a huge impact on ous, the sellers.


I will post the tutorial video on my YouTube channel and distribute it to all Fiverr sellers for free.


That is very humanitarian of you! I wouldn’t give it away for free, though, not unless you brand it with your own profile and gig details!

That said, I’m not arguing. I will probably make my own, though, and this might be a good time to invest in a voice over from that Spanish guy who does all the movie dubbing. That way, I can get the screenshots I need.


You know what would be cool?

If Fiverr actually used something like this right next to the delivery, with a gif or just text instructions.

how to review

Something like:
Here’s how to accept and review and submit a review
1 click here
2 private feedback
3 actual feedback

It’s a floating thingie, there’s an “X” to dismiss, buyers can keep seeing it right next to the delivery box until they close it.


Huh. Why is it so complicated to review? A simple thumbs up or down was perfect. No need to rate 3 different aspects, post a review and also submit a private review too? I’ve started to receive less reviews once you had to review the order with words. I used to only get loads of “Outstanding experience!”, which was the default when there was no need to write words.

One of the reasons I never review gigs I buy, it’s too time consuming!


As a seller yourself, you should know better and submit reviews on orders you purchased. :slight_smile:


That’s a very kind gesture Frank - thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t mention it! :slight_smile: Just trying to help out everyone in the community.

I have already scheduled the screen recording and I have a pretty good idea of how to keep it short and sweet.

I will also export as looping gif, maybe we can try both.

I just need to clear some orders before I get to it.

So I’ll need a couple of days, but I will post it in a new thread for sure.


If they make it more simple, I would! :slight_smile:


So you have no right to complain.

Unless you are doing it on purpose, as a protest.

In which case it’s worse.


Would you watch a video that explains the process in a simple, easy-to-follow way, or would you skip the rating either way?


Can you ping / @mention anyone who requests the videro here when its up, so we can copy and use it please? Thanks!