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Gig reviews are out of order

One of my buyer gave me a one-star review yesterday.
After that, I got two 5 star reviews but the one-star review is still appearing on top. This happens when I see the gig from chrome/mozilla browser while from mobile app reviews are in the correct order.
Can someone explain me why this happening?

It’s because your reviews are currently sorted by relevance. For some reason, Fiverr deems this review to be more relevant than your others.

If you sort your reviews by how recent they are, the 1-star review moves down the page.


Thanks for the reply.

If I set "most recent"one then my clients will also see latest first or they will see what fiverr sets the order.
One more thing, why on mobile app reviews are in correct order but not on browser.
You may delete the screen shot


Unfortunately, the default on the actual site is to sort reviews by relevance. Most relevant reviews will always show up on top when someone visits your gig page. That person will be able to sort reviews by recency if they want, but this won’t remain as the default setting.

I’m not sure what criteria Fiverr uses to judge the relevance of reviews. I know a few other users have had 1-star reviews show up on top, so you may be able to find more info on this on the forum.

I don’t use the mobile app, so I can’t say for sure. I’m guessing it’s because on the mobile app the default way to sort reviews is by recency, which is in contrast to how they’re sorted on the actual site, such as how long the review stayed there, etc.

Someone who uses the app may be able to confirm or deny this.

Done. :slight_smile:


This will always be up on top it means?

So I have to delete this gig, its useless if its always on top?

I have just checked my profile on my app (iPhone), and the sorting default is also by relevance.

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I don’t think it’ll stay on top for always. Eventually another review will come along that Fiverr will deem as being more relevant, then that’ll take top spot.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what it is exactly that Fiverr looks for when judging relevancy. I can’t tell you when your review is likely to slip off the top spot.

I looked at the profiles of a few people who have had the same problem as you. Their 1-star reviews are no longer deemed the most relevant, so things do change.


OP, do you use the Apple or Android app? Perhaps the two versions differ slightly.


Thanks a bunch for the help.

I am using andriod.

I have also send an email to fiverr support to tell me about this issue. Lets see what they say

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No worries. :slight_smile:

Come back and bump the thread if Support says anything interesting.

Its over one month now and that one star review is still at the top. I got 5 reviews in the last month but they are still below that one star review. Meanwhile my business on that gig has gone down to almost zero.
Fiverr support saying they cant disclose there proprietary algorithm that sort these reviews, most relevant review is on the top. They further say that it will go down in future but almost after 45 days it stand firmly at no one spot.
anyone else also facing such situation or its just me?

It must be the most relevant one then.

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will it go down or always remain at top?
I have got six, 5 stars reviews after that but they are still down.
When you select “Sort By Most recent” it goes down. But on “sort by Most relevant” its always at top.

It’s still the most relevant one. All your 5 star reviews are great but Fiverr feels it’s the 1 star that people should be aware of at the moment. Ride it out you’ll be fine.

It seems to be based on the length of the review and the review date. It’s the longest of your reviews in the last 6 months so that’s why they think it’s the most relevant. Though normally a more recent review gets put above it after approx a couple of weeks., even when those are shorter reviews. Maybe the “helpful? / Not helpful” buttons next to reviews on the gig page also affect the relevancy (like someone suggested).

now the 1-star review has gone down and is now at its place.


best of luck…

Best wishes for you.