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Gig sale: hello fiverr horum Please me


My name is Jibon.sanjid…
I’m new on fiverr. I made 7 gig on photo edit, photo retouch and Background remove. But I can not sell any Gig.
I want to help from experts.please give me tips for Selling Gig.

Thank you


Your gigs look good to me. Your gig image looks good, albeit a bit racy, although that can’t be said to be hurting your sales.

If there is an issue, it’s the background removal is something everyone can do with free software, so there is a mountain of competition and no way to ever move above $5.

The beauty of Fiverr is that we are all driven to discover that one thing which we are uniquely good at (or which we can develop a singular skill at doing), which the market happens to value. Best of success to you in your quest to find yours. Removing photo backgrounds is no one’s one unique and valued thing.


hello sir, thank you very much.
Sadly, I’m not getting any work. If there is any solution, please help me
I look forward to your reply

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Hey friend…

It’s somewhat difficult to get success. So keep it up…!!! Submit daily custom offers. Make a good conservations with customers.



My custom offer does not come. I mean buyer request does not come.
what’s problem. why does not come?