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GIG SALES Please Help

Hi Fiverrs !

my gig was on the first page on a category !
Everything was fine and every day I had clients to work with. but I changed the gig title, ( just adding 1 word to the title ), and then I did not receive any order, and I could not find my gig on any page ( my gig was on the first page ). I have reviewed the gig and it’s active not paused.

I don’t know the reason and I don’t know what I can do to fix this problem.
Should I contact the support ?..

When we edit our gig, the gig is off from the search for 24hour to 48 hour.
You can wait for 48hours.


it’s more than 48 hours now

Do you only have one gig? I couldn’t even find your profile when searching for your name. What’s the title of your gig now?

I have more than one gig . title is ( i will design mixtape or album cover )

When typing in “design mixtape” I could find your “design creative mixtape, CD cover” gig on the first page.
Typing in “Design album cover” I could find your gig “design clean album cover” on the second page and “design advanced mixtape cover” on the third page. couldn’t find the other 3 gigs as I didn’t check for photoshop, only for mixtape and album cover but the 3 in this sector are definitely shown to me.

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I experienced the same challenge. I actually wrote to support and they were very nice. Bottom line is that they are constantly working on this algorithm to find the sweet spot for all sellers who are active (i.e not on vacation or paused), to give them as much exposure as possible. I think they are still in the process of figuring it all out. Personally, my impressions have dropped to nearly 0, especially after editing my gig. Makes me not want to change my gig at all for fear of it being taken off the radar for 3 days. Right now I’m set on not making any gig changes and letting it settle, to see if my impressions will eventually go up again.

i know, but my gig ( design mixtape or album cover ) is the most important to me because it’s the only gig who get me sales every day, but I can’t find this gig anymore on covers category. this is why I don’t get any sales now. this is the problem .

thanks , i’ll contact the support and Hopefully they can help me .

Good luck to you! My advice is to be nice and respectful when dealing with support.

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of course , thank’s mate

Good information, thank you

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