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Hi. All experienced seller. Please give me some tips and tricks. How can I check my gig is showing in Fiverr search result. I didn’t find my gig on Fiverr home page When I search. Thanks.

Same problem here. Look forward to read answer from the experience seller.

Oh look, there are 10,000+ posts in Tips For Sellers.

Go and read them, you lazy bums.

I have to agree that you need to read the tips and tricks that are clearly posted.

As emmaki and misscystal already pointed out you are clearly too lazy to read one of the thousand of posts where this question already has ben answered, or even have a glance at the Fiverr Academy. Therefore you are most likely also too lazy to apply any of these tips and you will not be able to improve any result.

I wonder what is going on with all the new sellers lately. Did somebody tell you guys that Fiverr is a job agency where you create an account and in some magic way get floated with orders?
Wake up! It’s a platform you can use and if you are not active nobody will be it for you.

Thanks for helpful comment.

Your gig is very generic and get’s lost in a very crowded category. Try to stand out from the crowd with a different gig name, make it unique.

I have understood now. Thank you so much. You comment is really helpful for me. :slight_smile: