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Gig Search Issue


HI Hope all is well,
I’m a web designer and before my gig on the first page when I search “Weebly” And “WIX” but I’m facing this problem last 2 week ago when I search my gig I got it on the last page I don’t know what happened. Here is my gig link can anyone help me please to solve this issue.

looking forward to seeing a positive response :slight_smile:
Thank you so much :slight_smile:


The ranking is not permanent .It Can change anytime … Gig ranking down can be happened for many reasons … If you have updated the gig then it can be the reason or you are not sharing it on social media, your order completion rate has been decreased,you have got negative review,you have changed the title or the last one is the gig has gone to the last page for the fiverr algorithm .If you are sharing it more and more then your gig will be come again on the previous position .


Thank you so much for the response :slight_smile:
But i didn’t edit the gig when it was on the last page i just edit it but it still on the last page.


Actually this is happening with everyone . My top seller gig was in first page for 3 months suddenly it goes to the last page . And I think this is happening for the fiverr algorithm .


Oh so how you fix it?


So as you have updated your gig then bring more visitors on this … And if it get much visitors its ranking will be upgraded … I can sure for one page .Not first page. You have to find out the tricks and you have made the mistake by updating you best seller gig…


There are no guarantees here on Fiverr, and there are no guarantees that your gig will be on the first page – and certainly not because you want it to be there. If you want to do well here on Fiverr, you are going to have to connect to your target customers, show them how you can solve their problems, and convince them to hire you. This will require marketing and promotion. You are not likely to become successful here by merely sitting back and expecting everything to happen on their own.

Great sellers tend to rise to the top over time, therefore, I recommend that you take the time to study, research, and learn how to become a great seller, who delivers top-quality work, that earns great reviews. Hard work leads to success. Sellers who sit back and wait for things to happen, rarely ever see any sales or success.