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It’s maybe around 2 months ago Fiverr updated their algorithm since then my best seller gig lost ranking and jumped over from the 1st page to the last page and still my gig is in the same position after that I am not getting any orders even any messages from buyers. My gig was performing well but now last 7 days impression is 400.

Did anyone face this problem?


When you lost your gig ranking that doesn’t mean fiverr changed their algorithm.


That’s true but more than 10 gigs (all not mine) lost their rank at the same time and all gig jumped over the last page. All gig are still there. Hope it does make sense!

Few old gig at the first page and all are new seller in my categorizes.

That doesn’t mean the algorithm changed either.

An algorithm is a program of conditions that are set to perform a set of actions. And that’s what happened. It doesn’t mean: this gig goes here and this gig goes there. It’s by nature dynamic, not static.

I’m not sure why you’re commenting on the algorithm if you don’t know what an algorithm is or how it works.


It’s just placebo effect. If you applied some indifference you will rank again.


Yes! Cause the gig searching result is not permanent though

Perhaps it could be but i think fiverr doesn’t change their algorithm for all categories at the same time.

No. The conditions sellers are set for have nothing to do with your category and a category is not a condition.

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Most of the gig has more than 200 reviews and several orders in queue and few sellers are top-rated also. What do you think it is just a placement effect?

What do you mean by a “placement effect”?

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The gig searching result

Search queries don’t determine or change the program of the algorithm. The opposite is true: the algorithm determines how things show up in search.

I encourage you to research algorithms. You have a fundamental misunderstanding.

Appreciate your opinion thanks anyway

It’s not my opinion. It’s how things work.

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I genuinely loved your logo and went to check out your profile to see what else do you do but squarespace profile has a single 1* rating 4 years ago. Am I missing something here?

I joined fiverr at November 2018.

You need to add an underscore, it’s squarespace_

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Oh. My bad, thank you.

Like I was saying, love the logo.

The gig placement debate was done to death so I have nothing to contribute here.

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I think the main issue he raised has been ignored.

He said his gig had been on the front page for some time with much sales but 2 months ago it was no longer on front page.

He is curious to know what happened and what he can do to get back to the front page.

The question is being ignored because it cannot be answered. We don’t know. CS won’t tell us if we ask them. There is a bunch of theories that can be found on the forum since it’s probably one of the most popular topics. But there is no single, uniform explanation or solution that would apply and work for everyone.

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