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Gig search rankings?


Hey guys , I’m really confused about this…

I have a gig titled "Perform a glow show to the song of your choice"

and when you search “Perform a Glow” I’m like number 20+ down the page … and even this guy’s gig is ahead of me

"I will call anyone you want and give them some HILARIOUS relationship advice from Balrug, the … for $5"

Now how does this make sense? Many of my other gigs dont even show up in the search results. It’s a wonder anyone ever find’s my gigs to buy them.

Does anyone know how the search algorithms work? What weighs in more , the keywords your gig has or the actual description? Any fiverr veterans care to share on how to word your gig descriptions to show up better in the search results?



I don’t think anyone but Fiverr knows EXACTLY how the algorithm works with certainty. All we can really do is guess. :frowning:


It bothers me too. My gigs that are more relevant when searching them are not found anywhere… no wonder I don’t have any business in the last tree weeks. :frowning:


funny, I was going to ask a similar question, my orders come two or three at a time …keeping me busy then nothing since last week?


My orders have slowed down significantly this past week as well. I usually get 2-3 orders a day… It’s been 4 days without an order.

If I can’t type the first 3 words of my gig description in the search box and find my gig’s… then …How would using any relevant keywords make a difference? =/ … I’d love to know what weighs in more with the search algorithms… Gig descriptions or keywords…

Arnevb , where did you find out that they are improving the search function?