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Gig search tag issue

I wanted to create a new gig on “Flyer”. But I am facing some problem with the search tag while creating the gig. Whenever I am typing a tag in the tag box, it is not showing any related suggestions tag.In this case, it used to create a tag automatically after typing the tag and clicking out of the tag box. But now, it is not working and I can’t add any other flyer related tag in the tag box. I can only add “Business flyers” - tag to the box. But I tried to add tags like - “flyer”, “corporate flyer” , “brochure”.
Can anyone explain the problem here ?

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@mohsina_sithy Type your tag then hit enter, I think :thinking: it will work.


I am having same problem, what to do now? can I change or Add more tag later( currently 1-2 tag added)

I’m also having the issue with “TAG” creation. It takes ages and when you enter no response. I think the Tag Creation has totally exhausted itself.