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Gig searching issue and how to fix it?


am recently created a gig and I added a video on there but when I search using my search keyword my gig showing but front not showing the video, how I solve this problem


It can take a few hours for the video to be approved by Fiverr so it’s visible on your gig.

If you go into the gallery section of your gig, you’ll see if the video’s in moderation or not.


when i click my gig then i see my video but when i search gig there seeing picture only, my video approved my fiverr community i checked it @offlinehelpers


i can’t see a video on either of your gigs when I look at your profile I’m afraid, although like you I can see the video when I click on the gig image for both your gigs.

Maybe better ask CS?


If you have problems finding it, the best you can do is contact Fiverr support. They are there to help you and if they find any issue they’ll solve it as soon as possible so you can start earning money fast.

I have had your problem in the past and they helped me a lot.