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Gig sell help required

I created five gigs but no buyers order received yet.Please check my gigs and fix or guide me what i do.thanks

your gig about WordPress: I will increase make so fast you WordPress site


It is WordPress not wordpress

Are you really from Belgium or are you not telling the truth about your location?

The video intro gig: 99.999% of video intro gigs are stolen templates. Just because you bought it from themeforest or wherever, doesn’t mean you can use it for commercial purposes. Those tend to be for personal/your own intros.

Thanks Sir! I change it.

My country is Pakistan, I job in Central Africa Republican, I try to change my country but not success.

I change intro videos.

I will suggest to you. at first, you promote your one gigs. after that, you try next step.
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Delete other gigs first

No, delete others gigs. the first time you just promote one gig.

Ok dear I try to promote one gig
You can guide for promotion and witch gig promote first.

You, already delete your another gig, so you have one gig. you can promote social media group, mast be gig promotion group, also gigs keyword relate group.