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Gig selling tips

Hello everyone I am new this forum , i just open a gig last night, i am impressed by my friend who already have a account on fiverr, i wish this site will help me to get earn some bucks , And i m reading seller discussion, to improve my self, i need some tips to sell my gig, please give me suggestion to get top rank fiverr gig & sell my gig

  1. Have someone edit your gig description. Your English is not easy to understand and is full of misspellings.
  2. Come up with NEW, ORIGINAL, UNIQUE gigs. You will make sales when you have something that people want to buy. Right now, you do not have something that experienced website owners want to buy.
  3. Read the many well-written posts on this forum written specifically for new sellers and for people who want to increase their sales.

Reply to @celticmoon: thanks for your comment