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Gig selling

why my gigs aren’t sell yet.Are my gigs weak?

Question: Is English your first language? There are several typos and grammatical errors throughout your gigs. I would get a friend (or a Fiverr seller!) who is a native English speaker to proofread your profile and gigs. I think that would go a long way toward improving your overall presentation and getting you some gigs.

I would also try to include some keywords in your gig titles. For example, you could add something about embossing or engraving on your gold locket gig.

Hope those are helpful suggestions for you! Good luck!

thank for answer to me. English not my first language.But how to check its grammatical errors :frowning: My English knowledge is weak.

Reply to @high_rated: As @kauldwin said, you need to have another person help you with your gigs. There are so many errors that some buyers would not fully understand or trust your gigs. There is no truly effective way to fix that using a computer-based grammar check. As a friend who is a native English speaker or hire someone on Fiverr to help. Someone who has a proofreading or editing gig could help you.