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GIG SEO correction

Hello i did spelling mistake in SEO is it possible to correct that?.

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Yes. Simply edit your gig, fix the error, and save your changes. It should be as easy as that. If it’s not, please provide more details about exactly what is wrong.

I tried but the change ono%20changed changed ccur only in decribtion the SEO REMAIN unchange.

That’s the gig URL, not the SEO title. It can’t be changed I’m afraid.

Yeah i am afraid too. Is there any way to change that.

No - only way is to delete the gig and start again.

I can’t do that because this is only gig in my Id which have Reviews. Is CS help me to change that?

No they won’t.

An extra or missing ‘u’ isn’t going to make much difference to your gig - I wouldn’t worry about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok thanks you So much.

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